Monday, June 23, 2014

This and That

Aren't these blooms so so pretty.
They are suppose to attract hummingbirds…but I have never seen one near them.

Wayne and I planted this little shrub against our house about 19 yrs ago.
It only bloomed the first year and then seemed to die the following year. I was hoping it would perk up in the following year, but nope.
So I thought what the heck and planted the dead shrub in the corner here.
Well now look at has almost took over our corner flower bed.
It has encased the bird bath Wayne and I made.
I know I should trim it down, but it just looks so pretty with all these blooms.
If I had known it was going to take over this area, I would have planted it more in the corner.

Remember Wayne didn't want anyone to sign his cast?
Well we all had a go at it last night ;)
Even Ashley came by and signed it, teehee.
I am going to wait until he is asleep and really deck out my signature ;)
If you are wondering about the other signatures…these are my daughters gamer names ;)

Debbie and I didn't get to do our walk today.
It was rainy, Debbie worked late and I went with Wayne to help him get some hard toe work shoes, as his work boots are hard for him to pull on and tie…I have been helping him, but now with the cast I had to help him at 6:30am.
And you all know how I L O V E to get up early…not, lol.

I did get a walk in though…on my treadmill.
Which was good as my knee is still sore, and the treadmill is better on the ol' joints than the paved walkways.
I walked 12 laps with is 3 miles/4.83km.

I hope you all had a Creative Day :)

Tracy :)


  1. the shrub is a weigela - you can trim it back but they are so pretty

    Poor Wayne and his cast - hopefully the bones knit fast (so you can sleep in)

  2. Bummer that he has to wear a cast, but fun that you all signed it. And yay for getting in walks even if on a treadmill :)

  3. Beautiful flowers!! Hope your husbands arm heals soon!!

  4. Such pretty flowers, Tracy, glad it has revived itself! Fun that you all signed his cast, though it's still looking a little sparse. ;)

  5. beautiful flowers, they just didn't like where they were first, glad you in't give up on it. Great to get the walk in, poured rain at the top of the hill but here in turkey point it thundered and sprinkled. Really been out of the loop I didn't know Wayne had a cast, hope it knits well and fast.

  6. Your shrub is gorgeous and has obviously thrived in the spot you have put it. I love the gamer name "The Duck Says Mooo" LOL!

  7. Good thing you saved that bush. It is thriving in the new location!

  8. What a beautiful bush! We had to take one down a few years ago. It was right in my line of sight, out the front window and I kept thinking someone was on the front porch. Lol! I think Wayne should have gotten a colored cast ;)

  9. Those flowers are beautiful! It reminds me of one my mom had at our first house when I was little.

    That is cool that Wayne let you all sign his cast. And nice of you to get up so early to help him with the shoes!

    That is awesome that you have a treadmill to walk on. I just got back from a long walk too, a treadmill would have been nice because of the heat here!


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