Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A New Baby in the Family!!!!

Today was a busy day.
Kristy had an appointment at the optomatrist.
She has been getting headaches a lot lately so I thought (hoping) she needed glasses.
Most of the women in my family suffer from migraines. And when I say suffer I mean suffer as they are not fun to have. They are more than just headaches. I actually loose some of my vision and feel out of sorts. I will not drive during these.
As it turned out her sight was fine.
Next stop the doctor.
Doesn't she look so cute :)
After her appointment we went to get a bite to eat and did a bit of shopping.
Look what we found:)
I saw a commercial about these mouth watering treats.
So I had to get them when we seen them.
They were good, but not earth shattering good. I would rather have a caramel chocolate bar....more caramel :) Seriously I love Spring Chocolates. If I can't have Spring-like weather then give me Spring Chocolate. I totally forgot I bought this. I wonder if I still have it, or if someone in my family found it and snagged it. I should have hid it. Yup I hide chocolate, if that makes me a bad person....so be it. I went to pilates again today. On Saturday I get to go try Intro Reformer Pilates. I am so excited to try this. I saw it a few years ago and wanted to try it then, but we never had a place that did it here.

My younger brother David is in town. He is from Winnipeg and had to come here for a few days for work. I only get to see him maybe once a year. I made this mini book for my nephew when he was a baby, now he is a little over 1 year old.

Excellent News Tonight!!!! My nephew and his wife had their baby tonigh. It is a BOY!! I am so happy. My niece was in the hospital for the last 3 weeks due to complications. But both new mommy and new baby are doing good. So, so happy for them. My heart is singing for them tonight.

Proud Tuesday:

Pilates tonight

Not eating my chocolate egg (well I couldn't find it)

Finished everything on my list.

What did you do today to make you feel proud?



  1. I bought Cadbury Mini Eggs today!!!! WOOHOO!!!

    Congrats on the new grand-nephew!

    Hope they get to the bottom of your baby's headaches.

  2. I got a new haircut! I'm talking like 6 inches or more whacked off, I love it! Looks nothing like in my profile pic so now I need to update that :0) Congrats on the new baby in the family, glad both are well. And watch those migraines...they are genetic. I get them from my dad and a couple of my boys get them from me. I know exactly how bad they are. They have made the boys lose their cookies a few times when bad enough. I feel for you guys, or girls, I should say. They definitely are not fun.

  3. Congratulations to the new baby in the family! One good reason for making mini books and scrapping! :)

  4. Congratulations on the new baby. Sounds like you had a busy day - glad you are enjoying the spring chocolates :)


  5. Congrats on a new nephew! Hope the doctor can find the cause of your daughter's headaches and it's a quick and simple fix. Love how she let you take her picture in the eye doctor's office!

  6. congrats on the new baby!

    mmmm your chocolates look so yummy--my favorite easter candy is the reeces peanut butter egg-going to have to check that out! you are making me hungry

  7. Very cute book! Congrats on the new addition to the family!

  8. Tracy,
    Congrats on the new baby, so happy to hear everyone is well.
    Hopefully Kristy's headaches will get better, or at least find what is causing them. Maybe she should keep a lil journal of what she eats everyday to see if any food is triggering the headaches.
    When I get mine, and they are usually paralizing, I tell my family to leave the house. The smallest noise and beam of light is agonizing.
    Hugs sweetie

  9. mmm chocolate egg.. now i wants one... which i might get after work lol

  10. Ummm, I've been known to hide chocolate too... lol!

  11. I get horrible migraines too and have finally had to go on two different medications to control them. I was getting up to four a week, no fun! I hope Kristy is okay! One question about your egg...does that say COFFEE crisp? I thought you didn't like coffee? Lol. So happy about the new baby and that all is well!!!

  12. Migraines are awful, I suffer from them as well. I hope your daughter is okay. I don't hide chocolate, gummy treats are my weakness and I am always hiding them. I love your mini book, great job. Congrats on the new baby in your family.

  13. Congratulations on your new nephew! Yeah! I'm glad to hear everyone is doing well! Yeah!

  14. Congrats on the baby nephew! But shhhh about the spring candy. I'm trying sooo hard to resist. I avoided that isle at Target the other day....but I know I'll only be able to hold out for so long. The caramel things do look good anyway. :)

  15. Congrats on your baby nephew...how exciting! Love your mini book. TFS

  16. Hi Tracy.
    I know exactly what your going through, me and my daughter suffer with migraines. My daughters eye sight is fine, she has 6 monthly check-ups. But she has been getting more frequant migraines and lots of dizzy spells. She has just had blood tests done for anemia, we are just awaiting the results. If the blood test show she is OK the doctor is thinking of putting her on daily medication to prevent migraines.

    Hope you get your daughter sorted, migraines are terrible things.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  17. A new nephew...how lovely :)) What a beautiful mini.


  18. Congratulations to your nephew & his wife!

  19. Wow, what a big day! Congrats on the new male member of the family!

    I sure hope you get to the bottom of your daughter's headaches...I pray that it's "just" migraines & nothing more serious, even though I know they are NOT fun to have.

    I have a confession to make...I too am a chocolate smuggler. I even made a scrapbook page once about my "Inappropriate Relationship with Chocolate." Although, as I get older, I don't like the super sweet stuff like I used to. I guess that's a good thing! ;)

  20. Congratulations on the new baby in the family. I so love the mini album you made for him. I need to to one for a gal I work with, who will celebrate her first grand baby this summer.
    I hope you get to the bottom of Kirsty's headaches. They are not fun--I suffer from them too.



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