Wednesday, June 13, 2012

4th Card Share Video

I really didn't get to create anything today :(
You know those days when you look at the clock and can't believe that time has gone by so fast!
I did take a couple of naps today.
Not sure if it was because I couldn't take my iron for 7 days, or the fact that I haven't had one can of coca-cola in the last 3 days, or just that the stress of that test being over wore me out, lol.
Plus I wasn't to drive for 24 hours after the procedure (you know your old when they are called procedure, lol) as I would be considered legally impaired. I find that funny as I do not drink and here I was impaired, lol.
In my impaired state, I did clean the house though ;)

 I did put together a video of all of my most recent cards :)

I know if you are a follower of my blog then you have seen these all before.
But it seems many of you like to see them all in one shot, and enjoy hearing of how I came to make them or how I fixed up my screw ups, lol.

I tried a new chicken recipe tonight that I found on Pinterest. It was not all that good.
Everyone ate it, but I don't think I will be trying it again.
Put it this way, Hubby grabbed the sweet and sour sauce from the fridge. He said, its pretty good, as he was pouring on the S&S sauce, lol.

Thank you so much again for all your well wishes and sweet phone calls that you sent my way.
I really do feel loved by you all :)

I hope you all had a creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Cool video Tracy! It is fun to hear how the cards came together. Bummer about the Pinterest chicken. I've found several recipes on there that have become instant favorites but a few duds too. So glad all went well with your test! So how many more days can you go without a coke????? :)

  2. ha, recipes like that are always disappointing.

  3. Ooo sorry to hear about the Pinterest chicken...not fun. Great video btw...I missed a couple of those cards that were shown so great idea to revisit them :)

  4. Somehow I had to chuckle at the pinterest chicken not being good!
    You were likely sleeping off your anesthetic meds- do you usually sleep lots after the procedure? I know that I do when I have had anesthetic.
    Hope you get to create today! I made a couple of invites while the kids got up for ds. No pic though. :0(

  5. All the cards are just GORGEOUS!!

    Sorry to hear about the recipe, hopefully the next one will be better :)

  6. I will peruse your cards shortly. Hope you are a little less tired today. Don't let those angelic looks of Nicholas fool you. He is all boy and into everything. You can not take your eyes off him for 2 min. But he looks so sweet and innocent and loves his nana.
    I hate it when you have gone out of your way to try a new recipe and it isn't that great. Live and learn, I guess.

  7. Sometimes you just need a nap filled day. I'm looking forward to one soon!

    That stinks about the recipe. That happened to AJ and I once. It was so bad, I took a few bites and made myself some cereal. AJ was trying to be so polite, but I've never seen him chug so much water after each bite! But we'd only been living together a few weeks, so I don't think he wanted to say he didn't like it and maybe hurt my feelings!

  8. Sorry about the husband's reaction...good try, but let's not have this one again, lol. But everyone ate it anyway. Great cards.

  9. I'm voting for the Coke!


  10. Ah, what trooper Wayne is for trying out your chicken dish. Lol! Mike is the same way only instead of sweet and sour sauce, he puts hot sauce on anything crappy I make :) Sorry you didn't get to create today. Maybe tomorrow? I forgot all about that strawberry card. I just loved that paper you made. Remember it inspired me to use what I had instead of running out to buy more? :) See how good you are for me? Lol!

  11. Uh-oh, sorry the recipe was not so good, when you're feeling run down that's not good! Hope you'll bounce back soon! x


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