Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there.
Whether you have children of your own, or had a part in raising a child. I hope you all had a great day today.
Here is what our daughters bought Wayne for Father's Day.
You may think wow those girls out did themselves this year.

Which of course they always do.
But if you look closely it is a travel mug that looks remarkably like a real camera lens.
He was so impressed by the detail of it.

And you know my cake decorator Kristy, had to make him is Father's Day cake.
Wayne has always been a big fan of Scooby-Doo fan, another perfect choice for him.

Onto My Day:
Nothing much happened today. We just came home from camp. I had a nice nap on the way home....good thing Wayne was driving eh?
The girls asked Wayne what he wanted for his Father's Day dinner. He told them he wanted Chinese food. Well you know who was treating for that ;)
Funny thing is, I just asked for Taco Time for my Mother's Day dinner. I need to rethink that next year, teehee.

Hope you all had a creative Sunday :)
Our city has the pumps working for the sewers and now we have no limit on the water going down the drain, so this week I am going to focus on washing laundry and doing a major clean up.
Between all this, I am also hoping to get some creativity going as well :)

Tracy :)


  1. Oh bother, comment erased! UGH. Hubs was called shaggy in the AF. and his partner was called scrappy. LOL always been a huge fan of scooby. Awesome cake and that mug is way cool!
    yes, rethink that dinner thing Tracy! LOL

  2. That coffee mug is so fooled me for sure!

  3. That mug is awesome and the cake is amazing! Kristy is very talented!

  4. oh my that cake is soooo awesome and what a fun travel mug

  5. Wow that cake.....and the mug is fantastic :D

  6. It really does look like a camera lens. Cool gift. Love the cake.

  7. I was going to say that the girls gift to Wayne didn't get me excited, because i'm not a camera person, but then when I saw it was a coffee mug, THAT got me all juiced up because I am a coffee drinker! Lol! Kristy did an amazing job on the cake!! Hope you get lots of laundry done this week, and crafting done too!!

  8. That is an awesome mug! How perfect. Sound like you had a fab weekend! Hope you get your cleaning done quickly so you can spend the rest of the week on creativity! :)

  9. What a cool mug! Great job on the cake, Kristy!

  10. Great mug- Curtis has one of those too. Kristy did an awesome job with that Scooby Doo cake. Tim would lie one of those in about a month for his birthday, please.

  11. The mug is so cool! What a great gift!

  12. Ha! That is a clever mug!
    I did think it was a camera lens from the angle you shot it :)
    And very cool cake!

  13. love that mug... what a great choice for a fathers day gift and that cake is amazing... I think you def. need to make sure that next mothers day you are treated with something better then taco time... hehe hugs and thanks for sharing.

  14. Boa noite e abraços de sol e ótima semana
    Claudio Schmitt

    1. Good night hugs and sunshine and great weekend.

      This is the comment translated :)

  15. What a cool cup and your daughter did an awesome job on that cake...kinda hungry now!


  16. Love the mug, I need to get one for my oldest son. What a fantastic looking Scooby-Doo cake! Kristy does such wonderful work. I miss Taco Time, we had them in the Northwest but not here in Missouri. :(

  17. I LOVE the mug! The cake is absolutely beautiful, great job Kristy!

  18. What a COOL mug! And Scooby turned out awesome. Looks tasty too - allll that broooownnnn... mmmmust beeeeee CHOCOLATE! (Even if it's not, let my eyes think it is, please?)

  19. What an awesome mug! Kristy did a remarkable job on the cake too! Scooby was one of my most favorite characters growing up.

  20. I never guessed that was a coffee mug! Cute!


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