Monday, June 18, 2012

Miss Forgetful...I missed a play date :(

Don't these look yummy? 
Guess what. They were, teehee.
Heather made these.
What they are, are Oreo cookies in chocolate :)
She used a chocolate mold that the cookies fit in and then melted some tasty chocolate in the mold, placed the cookie in it then more melted chocolate.
As you can see we got a bit excited and started to eat them before I remembered to take a photo.
Let me tell you these were Delicious.

Onto My Day:
I forgot I had a play date today :(
I was talking to my friend Myra, who has just started to collect stamps. She just told me she picked up a few Copics, but needs help with them.
So I told her to come over today and we will to play.
I totally forgot  :-0
In my defence, which I really do need one, we had this conversation early last week.
I was out most of the day doing some errands with Ashley as she is going away on a trip. Plus since I figured I was out, I picked up some bedding flowers, went to the bank and got some groceries.
When I realized I had forgot, it was well after 3:00 and too late.
I am just glad she didn't drive here, she phoned and when I didn't answer she realized I must have forgot.
When I talked to her I think I had apologized at least 30 times, I still feel so bad.

Tomorrow Ashley and I are going to use that gift card for a manicure that the girls bought me for Mother's Day. Ashley got herself one as well.
I am shocked at the price to get your nails done. I have never got them done before and for a french manicure it is over $55.00.   Is that the norm?
I have to add, these are my own nails not fake ones.
I can't justify spending that much money on getting this done.
I have a question.
What do you tip for getting your nails done?
Ashley and I have been discussing this and she told me to ask your blog friends they may know :)
So all my blog friends how much is a reasonable amount to tip for getting this done?

Hope you all had a creative Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. I suck at figuring out tipping, but I read somewhere recently that it is like 15%!
    Yummy cookies! Try deep-frying Oreos (in a batter )!

  2. I am in Australia, we don't tip here! I'd say $55 is more than enough :)

  3. Wow $55 is a high price to pay for a manicure. Getting a manicure and a set of acrylic nails is different but I paid 30 for a set, 20 for a fill and I always gave a $5 tip. Not sure if that helps any but 15% is what most people figure for a tip here where I live.

  4. Wow, that is an expensive manicure. I don't pay more than $35 for the first time nails and no more than 20 for refills. I don't tip at all if it is my first time in their shop. If they do a great job the next time I will only give a standard $3 tip (standard for me that is). I mean the service is expensive enough.

    Those cookies look so darn good I may have to go out and get some oreos tomorrow. Yummy!

  5. here mine were 60 and to get fills were 25. but I don't get them done any more. I would tip her 5 bucks either way. Except when I think she did a not so good job( rarely) in a rush or what ever then I tipped 3 bucks but I am a good tipper! I have done many of these jobs and know how much work it is. LOL Have fun. p.s. pass a cookie please!

  6. The cookies are (almost) too pretty to eat! You were supposed to take a bite out of them to show that the cookie is inside there. ;)

    I don't get my nails done, so I'm no help in the tipping area. The one time I had fake nails done, she did a awful job and it scarred me for life. It was THAT bad. No tip there. Can't wait to see your nails when they're done!

  7. Around here I could get my toes and fingers done plus an eyebrow and chin waxing for that amount. Enjoy your girl time!

  8. My family would enjoy those cookies. Not so much, me. I am not much of a chocolate eater. Or an Orea eater.
    And I can't help you regarding tipping, as I don't often get my nails done. Enjoy your pampering, though.

  9. So is this a "full set" aka acrylic nails? Or just your own nails? In the US a full set can run about $40, but a manicure is anywhere from 15 to 25. Of course that's US money. Anyways, I'd tip about 10-15%

  10. Those do, indeed, look yummy! I don't get my nails done, but it sounds like, for a basic manicure, that is WAY too much! I know several places in the area of my office that advertise manicures for around $15-$25, depending on what they think of themselves! LOL! I'd probably tip 20% if they did a good job and I was really happy. I'm a heavy tipper, though. I never leave a restaurant without leaving 20% unless the service was terrible.

  11. Yummy looking Oreos! In my area, a french manicure on my own nails is $12.00 plus tip.

    And Tracy, I wanted to thank you for turning me on to the Walking Dead. I watched all of the first episodes while I was laid up in bed. Then I bought season two and I am almost done, and I can't wait for season three.

  12. Wow those look so yummy! I made Oreo cake pops last week for my daughters graduation and they were so yummy as well! Hope you had a fun day

  13. Those look delicious! I'm sorry you forgot about your play date! At least she called first, because I've totally done that before too! Like today, when I drove all the way to work for a meeting that apparently was canceled! I wish I'd called to confirm first :(

    I think it depends on where you go to get your nails done. The really nice spa places can charge $55 or even more! When I lived in the suburbs in New York, a manicure at just regular nail salon was $7, but its about twice that here in Chicago. I had tips for a long time and I would always tip $7 on my $23 fill in, which is way too much but it made it an even thirty dollars!

    I hope you have a great time with the girls getting your nails done, it sounds like a lovely day!

  14. Cookies look so yummy. I saw signs around my neighborhood it said a full set is 17.99, don't know what kind though.

  15. Oh my gosh those cookies look so good, but I've been craving chocolate all day! Sorry about your play date, at least you can play today! $55 seems like a lot for a regular manicure. Now if it was acrylics or gel I could see it but just polish on your regular nails? That costs about $14-$17 here. I would tip 15%, give or take, depending on how your service was. Hope you show us a picture!! Scratch that, I can't wait to see the picture of your nails. Lol!

  16. Boy, those cookies look yummy!

  17. Hi Tracy. I haven't visited your blog for a while. Blogger has been playing up and I have only managed to post again due to using IE which I HATE! I usually do my own nails and the only time I had mine painted - twice last year, it cost me £6 (approx $9) and a little more the 2nd time as she filed them first and then used crackle polish. The charge here in England for French nail polish is about £25 (approx $33) and I don't tip but I reckon 10% is good. ~Glen~


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