Saturday, June 16, 2012

Does anything go as planned ;)

We drove up to our cottage driveway and I was sad to see that our post had rotted and our sign was laying on the ground :(
Wayne knew this was going to happen, but thought he could have fixed it this weekend before its inevitable demise.

See how the water has receded. This is Kristy and her boyfriend, Blake, enjoying the view.
Kristy called me a stalker when she saw this photo as she didn't know I took it, teehee.

In the evening we had a thunder storm. So Wayne BBQ'd in the pouring rain. Luckily we put up this huge umbrella a couple weekends ago so he stayed dry.

Neat thing about this umbrella is that it has a solar panel on the top, so at night there are tiny lights that go on, it is so cool.
They aren't really bright, but you can still sit around and enjoy the outdoors :)

We had lost power for about 3 hours, but heard it was suppose to be off for a lot longer then that. So Wayne started up the generator so I could work on my camp journal (more about that in a bit) and so the fridge could stay cold.
But with a storm comes beautiful sky's.

Kristy and Blake enjoyed a few games of Jenga. I think Kristy ended up being the champion of the games.
It became a very intense set of games :)

Hubby fixed my sign :)
But Kristy took the photo before he added the solar lights on either end and on the top :)
That made me happy that our sign was fixed.
Wayne and I put a lot of effort and love into making this sign when we first bought our camp.
He cut the wood and I did the decorative painting :)
I see the letters need to be touched up.

Onto My Day:
Remember my big plans to work on my camp journal?
Well I had my list
External hard drive-check
Photo printer-check
paper trimmer-check.
Well I forgot my plug in for the my laptop and it only had 25% power left.
Then found out my external hard drive didn't go back far enough. I should have brought Wayne's external hard drive.
So needless to say, I had a few choice works which consisted of "Seriously, You got to be frick'n kidding me!!!!"
But I did work on it and just left a lot of blanks where I am hoping to add photos that I think I took at the time, lol.

I hope you all had a better creative Saturday then I did :)

Tracy :)


  1. What a grat sign! Glad that Wayne foxed it and got it up again. Isolde love an umbrella like that!
    My Saturday was: 3 soccer games; baked cupcakes and whoopie pies in my new oven; made a candle, thank-you card for the girls' band teacher; made tags for ds's goody bags and had a birthday party for ds!
    Sadly, did not get pictures of the tags or card before I gave them away! :0(

  2. I love the sign you and your hubby created for your camp. I love your solar umbrella. That is such a cool idea. I can't leave my umbrella up around here--far too windy some days. Sorry it didn't work out for you creating this weekend. And the sunset photo is beautiful.

  3. Thanks for sharing your day with us. Your cottage view is amazing and it looks like such a glorious place to be.

  4. What amazing pictures! I see why you love to spend your weekends up there. I'm laughing about what Kristy said. Did you reply, "I'm always watching!" Lol! Sorry about the camp journal. Maybe next weekend will be THE weekend. You know, third time's the charm. Haha!

  5. Sad news about your camp journal:(
    Great sunset:)
    I smiled at the sign as I remember those painted signs from our early married years:)
    Have fun this summer from a fellow camper.

  6. Such a pretty sign. We used to have one out here but gave it to the kids years ago as we had bought it in Germany! It meant more to them.
    Yours is super nice.

  7. Ugh how frustrating about not having your power cord! Glad you got your sign fixed and you had the umbrella! Love the lights!

  8. I'm so sorry about your crafting plans getting messed up!

    I love that umbrella with the lights. And the beautiful sky photo you took. Its funny that your daughter called you a stalker, AJ always calls me a creeper when he sees the pictures I take of him when he's not looking!

    The sign you made it beautiful, I'm glad Wayne was able to fix it :)

  9. I love your sign! The place looks awesome.

  10. I love your sign! At least you only needed to replace the post. It looks great with the planter tub filled with flowers.

    You always have wonderful photos from there. I'm always taking photos of the sky when it's pretty and it IS pretty after a storm!

  11. where can i buy one of those solar umbrellas?


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