Friday, June 22, 2012

The beauty of Nature

Another quick Friday post.
Yup we are heading off to camp soon.
Yup I am bringing my camp journal again.
This time I have packed my external hard drive,
Wayne's external hard drive,
photo printer, extra camp journal (as I plan to fill this one up).
And my cords to my laptop!!!!
Note to self...remember the laptop!!!

This is the camp journal box. Looks innocent enough doesn't it.

Onto my Day:
I did some book work. Tried to make some business calls, but everyone was off until Monday.
Did 2 loads of laundry and hung them out to dry as it was beautiful out.
Until about 1/2 hour after I had hung them out to dry.
I was doing some book work, looked out the window and thought, "oh its raining." Count 2 seconds "OH Sh1t its raining!!!"
Ran outside to take the laundry down. Half the sky was black, the other blue...humm which half should I trust.
You know if I would have left it out, we would have had a storm. So I brought it in.
I put together a make shift line downstairs, re-hung the laundry. Come back up stairs beautiful skies.

So after I put the second load on the outside line, we leave to pick out Heather's long awaited laptop.
It only took 5 visits to the store in the last couple of weeks for her to decide. That girl is very picky on her stuff.
As we are running around we look out to the distance and what do we see lightening and rain towards our area of town. Well nothing I could do, the laundry is going to be soaked by the time I get there.
Funny thing was, it didn't rain near my house and the laundry (well 1 load) was dry by the time I got home.

Hope you had a creative Friday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Have fun at camp! Funny story about the laundry, sometimes no matter what ya try to do the opposite happens...or doesn't! ;)

  2. lol..You are too funny! Have a great Friday as well:)

  3. The weather can be so crazy, can't it? We have been having thunderstorms on and of for hours.

  4. Well that is lucky (about the laundry)!

  5. Glad the laundry was all dry I hate that dash out and grab it all in when it rains! I haven't ever taken my crafty stuff away with me so I am really intrigued to see how people pack it all up...see whether I can slip a small bag of goodies in the car next time we go away.

  6. So when is the repair guy coming? LOL Poor you and your laundry. I have been inside creating like a mad woman for 2 days. I am almost done with the projects that have to be mailed Monday. whoopie! Only took like 2 months. LOL have fun at camp.

  7. Hope you are having a great weekend at camp and that you have everything this weekend to work on your camp journal.

  8. Hope you have fun at camp =) Wood ear is a type of mushroom. Have a fun weekend.

  9. Glad that 1 load dried on the line! I should really get a line put up; it could go right off my deck!

  10. i'm laughing about the laundry, sounds like an episode of I Love Lucy. Hope all went well with your camp journal :)

  11. Oh no! That is crazy about the laundry!! I'm glad at least one load was able to dry though.

    I hope your crafting went well at camp!


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