Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Clean bill of Health

Look at these little stinkers.
They are stealing the food that we put out for the chipmunks.
These squirrels chase away the chipmunks.

 Not only did he steal them, he also ran them up a tree so no one could take it from him.

 But not only do they chase away the chipmunks, but the also chase each other around...they really don't like to share.

Onto My Day:
Well if you read me post from yesterday, then you know that I had the pleasure of getting a colonoscopy. I say that dripping heavily with sarcasm.
Thank you so much for sending me your positive vibes. 
Everything come out better then I thought it would. I don't have any polyps, and my colitis hasn't changed. I have had so many colitis attacks in the last few years that I had thought for sure there was a change and not a good one at that.
But luckily everything is great :)

When hubby and I got out of the hospital I was so hungry. I didn't eat for 2 days.
So with me being cleansed out I wanted something healthy. Like seriously movie stars pay to get a internal cleanse like this...suckers, lol.
So we went to Taco time and I got a chicken salad. I ate the whole thing. I never eat the whole thing.
Plus since I haven't had a can of coke for 2 days...shocking I know, I think I am going to keep it up and only have some on the weekend.
My doctors would be proud ;)

Hope you all had a creative Tuesday :)
I haven't been creating that much in the last few days/weeks. So tomorrow I want to create :)
Since I am not suppose to drive for 24 hours as I may be legally impaired, teehee. I find this funny as I don't drink at all, lol.

Tracy :)


  1. "seriously movie stars pay to get a internal cleanse like this...suckers, lol."

    HA HA - that was funny. Good for you. I was surprised to find some healthy food lunch restaurants had some tasty stuff!

  2. Congrats on the positive, healthy results! :-)

  3. You and your critters! Whatever happened to lastyear's skunk?

    Woot on clean bill of health!

  4. I'm so glad to hear everything went OK with your tests . Yippee!!!,,
    The squirrels here eat everything in site-especially my bird seed.
    I put out peanuts for them and they still get into the birdseed.
    Enjoy creating tomorrow.

  5. I for one am very happy to hear this. Woop, woop, WhooRAW! tee hee, I am glad that they didn't take anything out. You might have lost that sarcasm along with it. LOL
    I did get creative today and it is one my blog! Ha! I know I must be sick with all the blog posts lately. tee hee. Good girl, I had your coke for you today;) I am going back to the healthier eating right after I finish these turtles. LOL
    Have a great creative day. Mommy day for me.

  6. Yay, yay, yay!!!!!!!!! So happyfor the good news and that your icky test and icky drinking is OVER!!!! A chicken salad sounds really good actually :) Even though I just ate my breakfast... Those little squirrels look sneaky! Hope you get lots of fun creative time in today my friend, you deserve it :)

  7. So glad you are well! The squirrels are so fun to watch, though!!! I just think they are cute! LOL!

  8. I just read yesterday's post, and I am so so happy to hear that everything went well!!!

    I tried to only drink Coke on the weekends too, at first it was no fun, but now I'm okay with it!

    Thanks for sharing the squirrel pictures, they were fun to look at!

  9. so happy you got a clean bill of health. Those pictures gave me a good giggle!

  10. Congratulations on good test results and you have all that over with. The squirrels are so cute- ok, they are cute when they are in someone else's yard stealing food meant for other animals. :-)

  11. Glad everything came out ok! Ugh squirrels bug me! Good for you for being healthy =)

  12. Tracy - so glad everything went well with the colonoscopy! I had one twelve years ago and I know how "fun" those are :p
    I do remember having to drink that gross stuff and feeling like I wanted to throw up in the end.

    But positive results are what matters!

  13. Woohoo! Great news on your colonoscopy! And hooray for eating healthier! Lol, we thought the same things this morning. I had a salad and water (with a strawberry and pineapple in it) for breakfast. Saw the idea on pinterest that the flavored waters help you not want to drink soda. Congrats!

    And man, those squirrels are JERKS!

  14. Fantastic news!!! And oh wow! We don't have squirrels or chipmunks and boy I'd love to have those around!!!

  15. I am so glad everything is okay with you. Sorry you had to go thru all that... I think the cleansing part is the worse! I am looking forward to creating this weekend.. I have been in a funk lately so its aobut time I got out of it! Right? Well take care and I cant wait to see what you create next!

  16. Glad all went well and OMG how many days with soda? I'm in pain for you.



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