Saturday, June 30, 2012

Working with a smile :)

Today was a busy, productive day.
We (when I say we, I don't mean me) dug some holes for the posts for our gate we are putting up at our driveway.
If our friendly neighbour didn't have this machine to dig the holes we (by we I don't mean me) would still be digging them by hand.

 We had two dug, Wayne's dad had to get 4 dug.
After these were done it was time to work on my display for beside the other side of the gate.
In order to get the look I wanted we had to go and collect some rocks....lots of rocks.
Wayne had told the girls that they didn't have to come with us.
I was like are you crazy, 10 hands will make the work go faster then just our 4.
Plus I think they wanted to help out anyway.
You can tell just look at their happy faces :)
Actually we had to go back for a second load. Yes Ashley you were right and your dad was wrong, teehee.

After the rock picking and placing it was time to cool off in the lake.
A dragonfly first landed on Ashley's shoulder then her hand.
We like dragonflies, they eat the mosquitoes :)
We also had a visit from our other neighbour Sonja as we were swimming. When I say we, I don't mean me ;)

 Onto My Day:
After my walk last night, Kristy and I decided to go for a quad ride. Some silly people parked thier trailer, 2 trucks, 4 wheeler and pitched 2 tents on the trail.
And I mean right on the quad trail. I was coming down the hill and then oops there are people there.
I thought it was an odd place to stay on the pipeline, like get a campsite already.
This lake has camps on it, it is not a place to come and pitch your trailer. Weird.

We were pretty busy today.
I did finish my journal....but only for 2009 :(
I realized last night as I was celebrating my accomplishment of finishing off that year, that the rest of the years are in a different book.
Can you believe it!!!!!!
It will not get the best of me though. I will finish this/these books by the end of the summer.

I hope you all had a creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Sounds like a perfect Canada Day weekend. Time with family, camping...perfection.

    I have my DD and my 2 grandchildren up at the lake for a few days now...I am smiling from ear to ear. The little 5 year old was offered to go for a bike ride with Grandpa...she replied no, Im gloing to be carding with Grandma! LOL

  2. I do to "get" some people at times! Blocking the trail?
    I like dragonflies for eating mosquitoes and think they are neat; however to have one land on me? (shudder).
    No creativity today; some shopping in the "city"; dinner at Earl's to celebrate the end of school. Home early enough for dh and I to go for a walk and to have a fire in the yard to roast marshmallows!

  3. you go girl friend! I am sure you will finish it. Just make sure next trip all the stuff for all the years is there. then leave it. LOL
    off to bed. Have fun

  4. I know you'll finish it, if you can finish 8 months of Project 365 in a matter of weeks, or was it days, you can finish this journal! :) I'm sure the girls loved helping with the rocks!

  5. Sounds like you have a fun project going on. The rocks sound interesting! And always, always, 10 hands are better than 4! :) I'm sure you'll get that journal finished...better late than never!

  6. That sounds like a wonderful day! Its funny about those people just parking there, that's a very odd place to stop!


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