Saturday, June 9, 2012

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

It was a beautiful day today :)
Thanks Nancy for sending your sunshine our way :)
It was actually pretty hot today, sadly the black flies were crazy.
Kristy and I did a lot of planting. We had to take breaks in between to get away from the bugs.
This is a memory garden we made in honor of Wayne's mom about 9 yrs ago.
This was one of her favourite places to be and we enjoyed a lot of time here with her every single weekend.

We planted some more flowers in this old basin I found a few years ago. I found it in an old homestead and it was in bad shape.
But hubby painted it for me and the holes are at the bottom so all is good :)

 I was planning on working on my Camp Journal. I had high hopes of getting a few years knocked out.
But for one thing, I forgot my trimmer, so I used a cutting board and crooked ruler and a razor scraper, we didn't even have an exacto knife.
I checked before we went to camp and saw that I had a lot of photos for my journal. Sadly they were not all the photos for the correct days.
So I organized the ones I had.
I think next weekend I will bring up my laptop, external hard-drive and my Selphy photo printer.
I will set them up in the trailer, so I can keep them out all weekend to work on them.
Bad in the creating area for my weekend.

And here is the ugly.
Besides the trim that needs to be re-done. We found some (well quite a few in my book) ants in our cottage.
We think they may be carpenter ants :(
We also found an area just outside the door that it looked like they were making a nest. So we cleaned it out and then sprayed it and around the doors. So hopefully next weekend we don't see any of these pesky critters in the cottage.

Hope you all had a creative Saturday :)



  1. The flowers look beautiful!!
    We had carpenter ants in our old house-aghghghg! Found out why/ where when we removed an old deck and the siding. Because of that, we were able to get rid of them....
    Put a new post of the bad post. ;0)

  2. Hey Tracy I sure missed your blog while you were gone. I kept checking it to see if you had posted anything, so I am one happy camper to see that you put up two posts! Beautiful memory garden and l love all the gorgeous flowers you planted.
    My suggestion on the ants is to not only spray but purchase ant killer that comes in small crystals. We bought it a home improvement store and you put it down around the base of your home outside and the ants eat it up and take it back to their nest and it kills them all.

  3. I can't believe you forgot your stuff. Must have been in a rush! LOL Oh well always next weekend. Glad it was hot, we need some darn it. I have painting to do and need to mow the lawn again.
    Sorry about the ants. we are dealing with them big time this year. UGH, I hate them. borax will get on their feet and they take it back to the hive and it kills them.

  4. The memory garden is such a sweet idea! I love that it's in a heart shape.

  5. Lovely garden. So sweet to have a memorial to your MIL where you can remember good times. Ants! Ugh, we get them every spring. The only thing that seems to keep them out is caulk. We find their opening, caulk it and surrounding areas and then wait for them to find another. They have fewer and fewer ways in now.

  6. The garden is beautiful. We got ants every year in my house in New York. It was such a pain!

    I'm sorry about your crafting. I hate when I plan to craft, but then don't have the right supplies, its so frustrating! But it sounds like you had some good replacements to work with :)

  7. What great pictures of the beautiful flowers! Love the garden you planned for Wayne's mom :) Talk about "roughing" it, at least in the crafting department!

  8. Your crafting plan sounds like just about like every one of mine. I'm just not a good planner, so that's why mine fail. LOL!

    The memorial garden is so pretty! Are the Lupine something you planted this year or have they been there all along? I planted some from seed last year and one is blooming just now.


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