Sunday, June 3, 2012

It a Beautiful Day

Another beautiful day.
I think it was going to be a hot one, but we left at about noon.
This is the view from our deck.
We haven't put in the second part of the dock. We usually wait until later in the year. Plus the water is to high to get it in anyway.

See our dock is under water. The water has never been this high before.
A friend of ours is 102yrs old and he had said in all his years here, he has never seen the lake this high.

Another look at the dock.

On our way to the cottage we met this big guy on the road.
You have to be very watchful for the moose. They are huge animals and they don't look both ways before they cross the highway ;)
We had seen one that was hit on the side of the road on our way to and back from our cottage. They were probably hit by a transport truck.

Onto My Day:
Guess what I found..... my Camera :)
Kristy and I went to pick up some supper and I thought I would check under the passenger seat.
So I went to the passengers side and noticed it was wedged in between the seat and the back of the passenger seat. So actually Kristy was sitting on it, lol. I asked her if she noticed a bump under her butt, lol. No princess and the Pea she would make, lol.
I am guessing that I just kept putting my purse on it. I seriously thought I looked for it better then that.

My legs are a bit sore from piling wood. Funny as I thought it would have been my arms.
Wayne and I are tuckered out from opening up this weekend, so we are just chillaxing tonight. Its a bugger getting older.

Hope you all had a creative Sunday :)

Tracy :)


  1. So excited you found your camera. Yippee!!! One doesn't realizw how big moose are . Curtis is always on alert for them when he is on the motorcycle. A gal I work with has twin baby moose on her property.
    You're still a young chickadee!

  2. Wow Moose aren't that common in southern Ontario but I think I've seen one deer crossing the road. That's great you found your camera. Leigh

  3. Yay on the camera! (must have been my hoping for you! ) ;0p
    Lots of rain up at camp as well, or is it just lots of water from the melt? It never ceases to amaze me how huge moose are! We get them in our yard and see them on the highway here as well....though I am sure that's lived here for about 4 years before I saw one, tho' i'd be warned to watch for them every time I was on the highway! :0)

  4. glad you found your camera!! love the nature photos

  5. Great news and wow - these photos are stunning! You sure live in a lovely area!!!

  6. Pretty picture of the lake. Great that you found your camera. Know that was a relief.

  7. Yay so happy you found your camera! Wow, that moose is huge!

  8. Pretty pictures. Looks like a great place to visit and relax.

  9. Looks like you've been having great weather up at the cottage! It looks like such a pretty place to visit. Looking forward to following your adventures there this summer. :)

  10. Glad you found your camera and your cottage looks like a crafters paradise.

  11. Looks beautiful there!
    Amazing how high the water is :-O

    Glad you found your camera, too.
    That would have driven me nuts! :)

  12. What an awesome mountain getaway! Love the lakeside view and HOLY COW that is alot of water! I always hate seeing deer/moose/any creature that has been hit on the side of the road. That moose is a big one, glad that ya didn't run into it, that could have done some damage..oh and glad you found your camera!! :D

  13. That is great news about the camera! Those are beautiful pictures that you took!

    I love the picture of the moose, I've never seen one in real life, but they always look so majestic. I would love to see one for real!

  14. We need moose (meese) here. srsly. All we have are deer. boring!

  15. I'm glad you found your camera :-)

    I'm trying to get caught up on what I've missed in the past few days. Quite a bit it seems :-)


  16. Sounds like you had a busy day - I wonder if the moose did as well? My cell phone has a tendency to slide out of my purse to the spot between the seat and the door on the passenger side - I wish it would be more safely trapped under someone's derriere so it doesn't make its way out altogether some day.

  17. That is cool never seen a moose. Sorry about your dock, will you have to replace it?
    Yes, getting old sucks the big kahuna! I don't like it but can't change it so I guess I will fight it for as long as I can. LOL

  18. Love the photos - soooo beautiful up there - tfs Best regards, Linda


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