Friday, June 1, 2012

Lost camera, lost soul.

I am working on a new mini :)
Shhh don't tell Kristy, as I am suppose to be working on her Winnie the Pooh mini.
But hers is going to be very involved and I wanted to make another quick one...well quick to me anyway.
We are heading to camp tomorrow so I was thinking of bringing this with me to work on. This and my bookwork as it is month end.
I am hoping I can sneak this in, in between piling wood, putting the water on and generally just getting the cottage open for the summer season.

Onto My Day:
We got our roof redone today. Talk about a war zone up there. We actually just got new shingles put on because of the damage from that crazy hail storm from last year. Wish I didn't have to work as I would not have stayed home, it was loud.
Poor Rose was missing most of the day, as she was so scared.

I am so upset. I think I lost my camera :(
I took it out with me during one of the times I was out driving Kristy to and fro.
I wanted a picture of the naked roof, lol.
Well I remember my jacket fell out of my arm when I got out of the jeep. I had to park on the street, as we left the driveway empty for the roofers equipment.
I didn't think my camera fell. Actually I can kind of remember putting it on the ledge by the front door.
I used my old red camera for this photo. Remember the camera that started to vibrate last year? That one. Well it seems to work right now.
Wayne knows I need a camera, as I take a photo every day. So he told me that he will teach me to use one of his big boy cameras.
Which is sweet, but I love my tiny, fit in your purse, no brainer cameras.

Sharon came by for scrapbooking tonight.
She just chatted while I picked out papers and started my mini.

I have been a bit off today.Then I realized today would have been my mom's birthday. Funny how your subconscious mind works. Miss you mom, I hope you are at peace.

Well that is all for me tonight.
I hope you all had a creative Friday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Oh Tracy, I'm SO SORRY you lost your camera! I'm still crying over mine! I miss it SO MUCH! My boyfriend's camera is a piece of ...well you get the picture! I haven't been able to take a decent shot since I lost mine! Here's hoping we both get a new one soon! Love Penny

  2. Love the sneak peek at your mini! I sure hope you find your camera!

  3. Hope you can find your camera. Can't wait to see your next mini!!! Have fun camping! Leigh

  4. Hope you find your camera! Have fun on your weekend at your camp. Looks like you have a fun project to mix in with work.

  5. I am so sorry to hear you can't find your camera. It will be noisy at my house too, as they are starting to put on siding next week. Enjoy your weekend at camp-I know how you love it there. I like the papers you chose for your new mini--will be interested to see what you do with it.

  6. sorry for your loss.... i know it hard just keep looking...... can you please post a picture when the mini is done..thanks i love your blog...

  7. Happy birthday to your mom in heaven...I hope your camera will turn up.

  8. Sorry you're feeling off and about your camera. Happy birthday to your mother.

  9. I hope you find your camera soon. Big boy cameras? Are those dslr? hehe... Happy birthday to your mom and hope you have an awesome weekend making that mini.

  10. No, no, no! I hope that you find your camera!!!!

  11. Oh I am so sorry girl! That stinks. I would have a heart attack if I lost my camera! I mean seriously! Sorry about your mom too. <3 ya
    Busy doing too many things to count. Have a great weekend at camp.

  12. Sooo sorry!!! That's really terrible!!! xo

  13. Ooh, a new mini! Those look like envelope pockets. Sorry about your camera. I have a smaller camera now and I love carrying it with me everywhere. I even put the strap on it so I can hook it to my wrist. But if it's not on my wrist, all bets are off :) Hope you have fun at camp!

  14. Oh no! I am so sorry about your camera. I have one of the big girl cameras, but I still love my mini to throw in my bag and bring everywhere with me. I hope you find it soon!

    I love the mini pages though :)


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