Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Manicure mix up

I was mistaken about the price of getting a manicure.
I just found out the manicure was $29.00 and $7.99 extra for the french. 
My Mother's Day GCard was for $56.00 and was told I needed to pay an extra $7.99 for a french manicure. So I figured that the manicure was the whole price of the gift card....well as it turned out a french manicure is an add on, so that is why I had to pay more.
I still have more to my package (about 3 packages left on my GC). I was confused, which isn't hard to do, lol.
Was I impressed with the manicure nah, I think I do pretty good on my own. I think it is the perfectionist in me, lol. I tried to hold back with my opinions.....for my daughters sake, lol. 
My Ashley is going away with her boyfriend to attend a wedding in Kingston.
She purchased this beautiful dress on the Internet.
It looks beautiful on her.
I spent  a good portion of the day getting all the wrinkles out of it.
Because it is so sheer I had to find some material to use as ironing cloths.
And then start with the lowest heat and then work my way up so not to singe it.
Wish she would have had time to try it on again so I could have taken a photo before she left.

As you can see the back is open. As much as she liked the look of it, the back of her bra showed.
She saw on Pinterest how you could put together an extension for the back of your bra. So we purchased the materials and I sewed it together. It did work...kind of.
But it was bulky and you could still see part of it.

So I sewed up a panel of black material (see its good I keep all my scraps of fabric I use over the years, as well as paper, teehee).
I then hand stitched the panel to the inside of the backing.
Turned out great. Hides her bra and looks like it was made like this.

Onto My Day:
I stayed up real late working on my Design Team card. Then I emailed it out to the DT boss and turned off my laptop. Funny thing was I guess I shut down the laptop before it sent, as when I turned on my laptop this morning it said it was sending. So it was later then I thought, lol.

I went to visit Ashley at her new office today. She is so excited not only did she get a promotion she also has her own office now. I kept singing "Well your moving on upppp, to the top". teehee.

I spent the rest of my day doing book work.

Hope you all had a creative Tuesday :)
Thundering, lightening and pouring rain right now. More storm warnings around here right now. I even heard of tornado warnings...which is unheard of around here.

Tracy :)


  1. Darling dress! Have you ever tried the stick on bra cups? My sister and sil's had used them many moons ago when they had a backless dress... Hope you can show us a picture of her in it! :0)

    1. She can't use the sticky bra cups. Even though she is tiny in height and size she is well endowed and they don't give her the support.
      See ladies, having big boobs is not all its cracked up to be, teehee.

  2. so glad things worked out for the dress! Congrats Ashley! I know this is just a little step for you, but it sure feels good. I am sure this is just one of many promotions to come.
    Many blessings and hugs,Pea

  3. I think your French manicure looks great! I have such a hard time getting my lines straight when I do those. Sometimes it's just worth it to pay someone :) Sorry you weren't thrilled with the results though :( Ashley's dress is beautiful! I'm glad you were able to figure something out for the back. Maybe someone can take a picture of her at the wedding for you? How exciting for Ashley and her new office and promotion! Awesome job Ashley!!!! :)

  4. Very innovative solution to the bra showing problem. I like your nails, but I'm like you, I notice all the little smudges, uneveness, etc on my own nails (rarely on others' though!).

  5. love the mani! looks great

    your daughter's dress looks great

  6. I think your manicure looks very nice. I love the french manicure! I wish you lived nearby, I bought a shirt that needs fixing. Not sure why I bought it....but I really liked it. I want it to be a little higher in the front, but I have to take off lace to accomplish this. Oh, it is such a task, and not absolutely sure how to go about it. Guess I will just give some things a try!

  7. Your manicure looks great! I can do plain nails, or silly patterns, but I am not good a french manicures, I always make a messy line!

    The dress is awesome!


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