Sunday, June 10, 2012

Moth Beautiful.

Isn't this one of the most beautiful moths you have ever seen?
Not only that, it is huge.
Kristy came to get me last night as she said it sounded like someone was scratching her screen on her bedroom window. We have the heavy metal screens, not the plastic ones.
I looked outside with the flashlight (as it was well over midnight, so black as can be) and didn't see anything, but I did hear it before I entered her room.
I asked her if her light was on and she said it was.
So I told her it was probably some moths trying to get to the light.
So she turned off her light and never heard the noise again.

Look at those beautiful wings. Just as awesome as a butterfly.
They are so soft and fluffy looking.
We do get the large lunar moths as well.
I remember as a child there were so many of these huge moths around the light post. We would pick them up and pet them.

 I was so upset (pissed off actually) to find out that someone has stole some of our gas out at our cottage. We keep everything locked up.
Well we are not the only one who has had something go missing this last week. Wayne's dad is missing his extra propane tank.
We have a feeling we know who it is, but Wayne and his dad don't want to confront this person, just in case they are wrong.
So I left the thief a message.
When Wayne saw this he said to me, Isn't this a bit harsh?
I told him this is the mild version, I had to tone it down, lol.
We are fixing the problem next weekend.

Ashley is working on a project. And when I say Ashley, I mean Ashley and me ;) Mind you, even Heather was out there giving us a hand with it.
When we got home from camp Ashley and I went out to pick up a few supplies to make it.
Then we had to wait until later in the evening for it to cool down outside. It was a hot one today.
We are not finished it yet, it will take awhile to complete, but I am planning on taking pictures along the way. I forgot to take pics of what we have done so far, so I will have to do that tomorrow.
Can't wait for it to be complete so I can share it with you.

Hope you all had a creative Sunday :)
I also did a post for yesterday, if you want to check it out ;)

Tracy :)


  1. I have never seen a moth that huge before but it is pretty! I had to laugh at the sign you made. Hope you figure out who's stealing that really sucks!!! Leigh

  2. I am sorry to hear someone is thieving from you. I hope you catch them. That is a beautiful month and so big. Your garden plants look beautiful- I love the lupine. Hope your ants are gone when you go back next weekend. I had some in my house a couple of weeks ago after a tub of honey. I got rid of them quickly, thank goodness. I wish we had warm temps like you- we still have rain and cooler temps and SNOW in the higher elevations!

  3. Beautifull Moth, those large moths are so gorgeous but it does remind me that when I was little they really used to scare me!

  4. People who steal from others just plain suck. Yep, they are losers and don't give a thought that someone else worked hard for what they have. Arrgghhhh makes me mad. We get huge moths here too and when they come to our windows it creeps me out hearing them scratch and making such loud noises with their wings. (yuck)
    I hope next time you go to camp the little thief has learned their lesson and stays away!

  5. those moths are beautiful and they are completely camouflaged on tree bark. The large circles are meant to look like eyes so birds won't eat them. They aren't that big here and have only seen one of them in 20 yrs. My daughter is terrified of Moths. Moth man movie- lame. LOL
    I don't blame ya for being pissed and this is the gentler version I am sure. LOL Mike got a locking gas cap because of this kinda crap. UGH.
    Can't wait to see the new project. Heading to bed. Hugs,Pea

  6. Boo to the thief. I thought your note wasn't too harsh!

  7. Those are great shots of the moth! Wow!

  8. That moth is just beautiful!

    I don't think that note was too harsh at all. I would be so so mad if someone was stealing from us! Its just rude and disrespectful, especially if you think you know who did it! I'd have trouble being nice to that person!

  9. Holy Crap...that moth is HUGE, I don't think I've ever seen one that big. It's so pretty.

    Sorry you've had stuff stolen, stinking thief...I hope you catch on to who it is and give them the riot charges, throw tomatoes at em..whatever, just get them, and get them to leave your stuff alone!!!

    Your memory garden in the previous post is so lovely and such a wonderful way to honor a loved one.

    HOpe you have a great day!

  10. As much as I don't like moths, of any kind, that is pretty :o) Nice note, think it will work? LOL! Mine probably wouldn't have been that nice :o) Can't wait to see what you and Ashley are making! Hugs!

  11. I can't believe that's a moth, it looks more like a butterfly! So pretty! I think your message is pretty tame too :) can't wait to see Ashley's project!

  12. I will say that the markings really are beautiful. Having said that, I can say that moths give me the willies and one of the few insects that truly freak me out! I once was literally petrified in my bed one night after hearing something fluttering around in the blinds. I did not want to attract it to the light, so would not turn it on....turned out it was a bat....was that any better? 0_o

  13. I like the message! In the message you could have also told them to "Smile! You're on Candid Camera!" That would have made them wonder if they were being video taped - unless they're too young to know about the Candid Camera TV show. Harsh? No, stealing is harsh.

    I spotted one of those same moths on our front porch a few years ago. They definitely are a beautiful moth! I love the antennae!

  14. Those big moths freak me out a little but my kids love them. My son found one recently and was taking pictures of it. The note is perfect. I think I might have been a little more harsh tho...

  15. That moth is creepy and beautiful at the same I can't believe how huge it is!

    Hopefully your message works, I'd feel the same way!


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