Monday, June 11, 2012


Hubby came back from Canadian Tire tonight and started showing me all the stuff he bought to get rid of our ant problem.
Ummm you think he went a little overboard with this, lol.
But then again that is my hubby, go big or go home, lol.

My day consisted of drinking a lot of this :(
Tomorrow is the test I have at the hospital and I have to prep for it.
Not liking it, but I have to do what I have to do and just want it over and done with.
I have to drink 4 ltrs of this gross stuff to clean me out.
I only drink one can of coke a day, so this is a bit tough, plus it tastes disgusting.
I tried to hid the taste by drinking it from a coke glass...its not working, lol.

I have shared a lot of myself on my blog. I have said it is like my on-line diary. This is one thing I haven't shared, and wasn't sure if I ever would.
I have Ulcerative Colitis. I have had it since the age of 17. 
If you remember I moved out on my own at the age of 16, so I had to go through all the tests, doctors visits and being scared as I thought I had cancer without my family.
The only one who was with me through it all was my Wayne. My Rock, the one who knows me inside and out. The one who is always there for me when I need him and even when I don't think I do.
While I was going through this, and at such a young age, the doctors didn't tell me anything, just what to do for the next test.  Now as an adult I know they probably thought my parents were waiting for me in the waiting room. But no, the only one who was with me was Wayne.
It wasn't until I got mad at a nurse (sorry nurses) and told her no, I am not going to do anything, until she tells me what is going on. Then the doctor came in the hospital room to talk to me, and to explain what they thought was wrong with me and what we needed to do to make sure this is what it was.
I have the same specialist today.
I didn't tell my family or anyone else I had this disease until I was about 23. I have no idea how I hid it for so long. And Wayne respected my wishes and kept my secret.

So what I am saying is, YOU have to take your health into your own hands. Yes doctors know a lot. But they don't know you. You have to stand up for yourself and if you believe something isn't right with you or the system, YOU have to speak out for yourself.

I hope you all had a creative Monday.
Here is hoping that I get a clean bill of intestinal health tomorrow ;)

Tracy :)


  1. Tracy
    Good luck with your tests tomorrow and I can identify with you having to drink that disgusting stuff.
    You are very fortunate to have Wayne.
    I hear you about taking charge of your own health. I have had to do that this past month for both Jim and I. It is no fun to try and buck the system or Doctors for that matter. Finally had to change doctors to get what we needed. Had the same doctor for 20 or more years. Hated to change but maybe we were too familiar with each other and complaceny set in on the drs. part.
    So my dear girl, you always have us in your corner.

  2. Well said! Urgh on the "cleaner".... Have had some stuff like that - it was gross...a dear friend's 11 y/o has been diagnosed with krohn's. She has had to drink that kind of stuff and had her scope done a few times now. :0(
    Wishing you well with your tests...very brave to share!

    And do you think some of your ants moved to my place? Yesterday, dh commented that he is *hoping* the ants we have here (different and newer place than the one I mentioned before!) are NOT carpenter! Nope, not overkill! ;0)

  3. Oh Tracy! How I can relate! I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis 3 weeks before my wedding (4 years in August). Before that, it was a lifetime of stomach aches, diagnosed later on as IBS, medicated for that, until I was full-blown stressed and dealing with UC. My doctor was/is the BEST healthcare pro I've ever been treated by -- EVER. He forced it into remission with mega doses of meds without using steroids so I could walk down the aisle, and I did -- as planned. I KNEW what that drink was as soon as you mentioned it. I hope your testing goes well. It's not fun, but it's a relief when it's over. I'll be thinking of you! xoxo

    Also... you can NEVER go overboard on the ant "killers". I have been fighting them since March, and I'm convinced the ones who "visit" us are mutated forms of ants who are immune to Raid and the like! :-)

  4. Good luck with your test tomorrow. I hate that yucky tasting stuff too.
    I am one of those nurse, but I believe that the patient should always be informed of what is happening with their bodies and in terms they understand.
    The ants are invading this year. I have lived in this house over 20 years and never experienced ants before. What's going on this year?

  5. All the best... I don't know how gross that stuff is because I haven't tried it, but I can imagine that it must be really bad!

  6. I know you will be just fine my friend and you will be relieved when it is over. Feel better and take it easy!

  7. 4 liters is a lot of gross stuff. :( I thought I had it bad with my 3 cups of chinese twig tea that tastes literally like dirt. I don't think I could handle 4 liters of it. Good luck tomorrow! You should treat yourself afterward at the craft store.

  8. Boy, you sure have had more than your share of conditions to deal with, haven't you? You are one tough lady. Good luck with your test and then go celebrate when it's over!

    You probably have the ant problem because of all the rain you've had. That's the only time we get them. We haven't had THAT problem this year, because it's been so darn dry. At our house, this is the year of the spiders. Good thing they don't bother me. My daughter? That's a whole other story...

  9. LOL! Well, to be honest, I'd probably do the same thing! I HATE BUGS! LOL!

  10. Great advice. Wow, to go through that all by yourself (well with Wayne but still) at such a young age! Good luck wit the yucky stuff!

  11. Yuck, I'm sorry you had to drink that stuff but good for you that you were able to do it. I am not a heavy drinker either and I'm not talking alcohol here. I have never been one to drink copious amounts of water or anything for that matter, so whenever I have to for health reasons it's very difficult for me to do so. I feel your pain.
    Hope all went well today and that you will get great news concerning your health!!

  12. Ugh, hope all went well today and that it's over with so you can have that coke! :) Sorry about the ants - I hate them too. Looks like you have enough to get the job done! LOL

  13. Hope you are fine and the tests are well! You're lucky to have such a person by your side!

  14. I know you posted this last night, so I hope your test is over now! I'm so glad you have Wayne and he's always been there for you. Made me smile thinking of you two:) You are so right though with what you said!

    As for the ant killers, it looks sort of like a pile of fireworks!lol

  15. We just had ants too! My husband was going to buy some of those traps. One year we sprinkled some kind of "dust" (powdered chemical) around our foundation. It really helped, I think. Hope your test went well today! Bravo to you, for sharing to move us to empower ourselves with our own healthcare!

  16. Tracy, you're in my prayers gf. I've had to do the same prep for EGD/colonoscopy. You're right, its not fun. I think next time I'd choose the enemas! lol Keep your chin up, and yeah Wayne!

  17. I will be thinking about you and sending prayers and good thoughts your way. You are a brave woman and are so right about taking responsibility for our own health. Thanks for that reminder. :)

  18. I'm getting caught up and I'm glad to hear things went well with the doctor. :D
    He missed my favourite ant killer of all time. I think it's called Antex (or somethihng like that) It's a Borax mixture and I used to find it at Home Hardware. Good Luck!


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