Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Peek into my Journal

I have been talking so much about my Camp Journal, I thought I should share a bit more about it.
If you know me, then you know I love to journal. I have been journaling on and off since grade 6...soooo that would be big of a math problem to figure out....lets just say a real long time.
So when we purchased our cottage in 2007, I wanted to have journal dedicated to the time we spend up there.
I started with a note book. Well actually it was a child's "fun time doodle pad". You know the ones with no lines, it has different colour papers in it.
I had always planned on upgrading to a grown up book. But again if you know me then you know I am the worlds best procrastinator.
I picked up this journal from Chapters quite a few years ago and have been slowly transferring my journal into this.

The right part of the binding is a magnetic closure. I am thinking that when I am done with it, it may not close, as it is getting to that point soon.

Now lets open the pages to see what its all about.
My child's version never had photos.
But I wanted to add some inner scrapbooker just had to come out and play.
I also added some stamping around the photos. I am trying to keep this simple.
Not sure if you can tell, but yes that is me sleeping in front of the fire pit. It was the last fire of the year and I was waiting for the last ember to die... I love my fires, teehee.

Here are some flowers that I had picked and pressed. I then laminated them to preserve them in the book. I know from turning the pages the flowers will get brittle and fall apart. So I laminated them.
I have also added some stamping or stickers that have to do with nature in here as well.

I have been know to pick up treasures along my many walks I take, here is a feather I found on one of them.
I remember that I had saw markings of a scuffle in the dirt around this feather..I think the fox won.
Again I laminated this.
I have some things that I haven't laminated but for the most part they are.

Now on to the crappy part of the journal process. Remember I thought I had everything for this weekend. Well for the most part I did.
But found out that Wayne's external hard drive was missing some photos. Of course the ones I needed. To make matter worse, his computer that holds them has crashed. It crashed so hard that it can't be fixed :(

I also forgot my trimmer again.
Seriously, this journal is fighting me every step of the way.
So I improvised. Remember the other week I used the straight edge and the wonky wooden ruler.
Well I got rid of the wooden ruler and used the flat back part of this saw, and I think that brown thing is a template for a door plate.
Actually it worked real good.

Onto My Day:
Wayne and I checked around the buildings on our property and he got rid of 8 wasp nests.
This is a tiny one on the corner of the cottage. I have never seen one with a peak like that on it before.
We had also seen 2 huge nests at the top of the garage. But they were at the back, way up high and we don't think anyone will be back there, so we are going to leave those ones.

I went for many walks. I mean like many miles. It felt good to be back to my long walks again.
I may have over done it a bit as I had a huge blister on my heel. Funny as it was on the bottom of my heel. But I kept on truckin'
Later that night we had a downpour of rain. There was even some hail in there as well.
It didn't last long though.
Not sure if you can tell from this photo, but the rain is just bouncing off the lake.
This photo is looking from the living room window...what you thought I went outside for this picture, teehee.

I hope you all had a creative Saturday :)
Actually I did. I hit some bumps but I did get quite a bit done.

Tracy :)


  1. :0( on the computer not being recoverable.

    Great journaling!

  2. I think its so great that you keep a journal! What a wonderful thing. I used to do that, but have gotten out of the habit...

  3. Your camp journal is really cool and I think it's great for your girls to look back on and laugh about memories you've had there. That's one long walk!! That rain is crazy! We are so dry here it's just awful. Send some of that rain south. Ha! I worked on Landry's birthday invitations for a bit Saturday. Felt good too!

  4. Your camp journal is such a great idea.
    The only records I keep of our times at the RV up on Shuswap Lake are the scrabble scores which we record in a book with players, date and winner circled!!! LOL

  5. I love your camp journal. My mom wrote down lots of details from our last vacation and then made it into a blog with pictures for all of us to look at. It was really fun.

  6. So sad about the computer! Oh so sad. I have to transfer my pics to my photo bucket as a back up system. I have the hard drive too. Love your journal, it is wonderful.
    Ick on the wasps and leaving them. No way baby. But then again I am allergic to them buggers. I need to journal more with pictures. So much fun.

  7. I'm sorry the journal is giving you such a hard time! After my computer mini-crashed this weekend, I started backing up all my photos because I got scared I'd lose them!

    The journal is so cool though. I love that you will have something to look book on and remember all the special times at the camp.

    Wasps scare me so much, I was stung by a bee once and that was bad, so I can't imagine a wasp!


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