Monday, June 4, 2012

A peek into my mini

I thought I would share some more of my mini.
I worked on it a bit over the weekend.
I inked all the edges and made all the tags for the inside of the pockets.
One side of the tag has a place to journal (the side you see here) the other side I left just the plain black cardstock for a photo.

Each of these pocket-type envelopes are made with one sheet of 12x12 double sided pattern cardstock.
Both sides have a pocket to it.
I had to re-ink my Walnut Stain distress ink for this one.

Onto My Day:
Guess what I copic marker E00.
I am not sure what the heck happened as it was in my tote where I keep my Copics. It was even in the "E" section of it. Weird.
Now all I need to find is my cheater glasses, lol.

I worked ALL day today.
I will be dreaming of numbers in my sleep tonight, lol.
I think I may stay up late tonight, so I can finish month end sooner so I can get back to my mini :)

I hope you all had a creative Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. You've been on a roll finding things lately...I think I should hire you to come help me find my comfy jeans, they are missing!

    I love your mini album, the envelopes are very cool!

  2. I am loving the papers that you are using for the envelopes- so "grungy-chic" . (is that a thing?)
    I can remember doing inventory way- back and then dreaming about counting. :0(
    Wishing you better dreams than that! :0)

  3. Looks like an awesome mini book! I love those envelopes!

  4. so pretty and vintage-y! i love it!

  5. oh this looks awesome- i can't wait to see the final project-- you make the best mini

  6. Looking good, Tracy. I can't wait to see the end result of all your hard work. Good luck with balancing month end.

  7. Can't wait to see the finished product, it's looking great so far!!

  8. As usual, you know how to coax beauty out of paper :-). I'll be on the look out for the finished mini.


  9. Ooooh, I can't wait to see when your mini is all done! Might you be sharing how to make these pocket pages?... Right now, I'm busy working on a set of "itty bitty" mini albums, to swap; and it's quite a challenge, working with such small spaces. I did stay up late last night, working on them, and have to admit, I'm still not LOVING them yet.. But the more I do, the more detail I TRY to add to them, the more I'm gradually liking them a little better, and a little better; and that's just how the process works, sometimes, right?! (0; Hopefully, soon, I will LOVE what I've put together! ((Hugs)) and have a great day! ~tina

  10. Beautiful!!! Vintage or distressed is my favorite, thanks for sharing

  11. Tracy this looks so pretty! Can't Wait to see the finished product!!

  12. It's my mom's cooking. I just help or sometime just sit and keep her busy while she makes food for our family. hehe.. Your mini is look great already.

  13. again what a beautiful mini it is. I bet she will love it.


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