Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rocky I am not

Looks like I'm running here doesn't it ;)

Actually I am just jogging down from the highway, teehee.
I wanted hubby to take an action shot of my jumping up and down like Rocky. This was the first walk of the year down the pipeline for me.
As you can see he failed, and here he is the photographer....guess he needed his big boy camera, lol.
Does this photo put the Rocky music in your head?  Nahhh didn't think so ;)

 Here is where I walk every morning when I am at camp. It is down the pipeline. Not sure of the exact distance, but I think it is almost 2 miles.
I do a longer walk in the evening.

This is the view behind me.
Can you see my scouts in the distance.
Wayne doesn't really like me walking this alone as there are bears, wolf and he swears he saw a cougar last year.
I am not scared, maybe it has something to do with me growing up in the country, or maybe because I am not to bright, lol.
Either way he likes to drive back and forth as I walk. He also carries my water for me :) 

This year we have Kristy riding along as well :)
She will pull up beside me and tell me she saw a couple of turtles or pick flowers for me. She is such a sweetie.

 I bought some bedding plants last Friday, but didn't have time to plant them.
So when we got home from camp today, I went out and did some planting.

Now that I see them in the flower box (that I made by the way) it doesn't look very full.
I may have to add some more tomorrow. I only planted 1/2 a tray so far.

Onto My Day:
Wayne and I went to Canadian Tire to pick up a few things for camp. I also ran into the mall to grab a couple of pairs of capri-like sweats. Like the ones I am wearing in the photo above. That pair were one of the girls pairs, and not sure if they want to share them with me all summer.

I did do a post earlier today on my camp journal. I gave a little closer look into it. So go and check it out if your interested.

Hope you all had a creative Sunday :)

Tracy :)


  1. My 2nd dd wil,only wear capris, not shorts. Don't know why! My neighbour thinks that her little Pomeranian was eaten by a cougar. I have heard many times that there is one that travels our area... :0/

  2. Looks like you had a very active weekend. What fun photos, can just imagine some clever scrapbooking to come of those!

  3. oh you are so funny!!! great photos!! love those flower boxes! beautiful

  4. I was thinking "Rocky" when I saw those pictures, yep....I really

  5. Sharing is caring =) So nice of your hubby to be your scout!

  6. I think it is a good idea that they follow you. You never know what could happen out there. And love the photo! It is good to be silly at times.

  7. Your hubby is very sweet! :)
    And those are fun photos of you! :)

  8. Love the photos of you,you should do it more you looks great:):)
    Love the garden photo too really beautiful.:):)

    Wish you a wonderful day,hugs Merethe

  9. Funny pics of you :) I like that they ride along to make sure it's safe for you to walk, you never know what could be lurking! I have a red milk can just like that on my front porch! It was my Grandma Jean's :) It has a lid on it though, so I don't plant anything in it, just use it as a table. I was at the pool all day yesterday, it was freaking HOT! I did get some more work done on the invitations though. I can't believe my baby is going to be 5! :(

  10. This made me smile!!!! Love it :)

  11. Here I am!!!! I've missed you so much. I just spent an hour catching up on your posts and I still don't think I got them all. I'm on my 7th load of laundry today because I had to wash my new bedding and the old so I could put it away. I am still breaking down boxes and putting things in place. Notice I said "in place" and not just away. Everything has to be done right the first time. Now I will soon get to paint! I hate painting. I'm clumsy and there is more paint on everything but the walls. Love the pictures. I haven't had time for the outdoors in over a month. At this rate I'm going to miss the entire summer. Don't worry, I won't let that happen! Hope you are doing well miss you!

    1. Hey Dena, I agree do it right the first time but why move in until it is painted? Then you have to move all the furniture out and move it back in. Silly girl makes so much more work. Go get a walk in and enjoy some sunshine. I wish I was there to help, I hate to paint but I am not bad at it.

  12. I am glad someone goes along with you when you are walking. You keep teasing me every time you get to visit Canadian Tire. I may have to plan a trip north in the near future.

  13. that is so cool that wayne rides out there with you. I was just thinking you looked like lunch for something bigger there missy! LOL Smart feller that wayne of yours. LOL Yay Christy too. Oh it looks so peaceful. I am coming over! If I start running now I might be there by say, 2013. Just in time to turn around and come home. LOL

  14. I love those capris!

    I think its really sweet that Wayne and Kristy ride with you. That is a really long walk to go on! That is awesome!


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