Friday, June 29, 2012

Set up shop

Another beautiful day out at our cottage.
It is pretty hot, but the breeze is strong enough to keep it from being to hot, and also keeping the bugs away :)
I have set up shop in the (what we call the guest camp) trailer.
I usually take over the kitchen table in the cottage, but I have to clean up before each meal. So this works out perfectly. Except I miss everyone and keep going into the cottage to see what everyone is up to.

As you can see it was so nice out that the girls went swimming. Wayne was in the lake as well.
It has to be pretty darn hot for me to get in the water..I'm a summer baby and prefer my lakes warm ;)

Onto My Day:
I went for my walk earlier last night and the bugs didn't get me :)
The sauna was full of mosquitoes last night, so Wayne used our hand held bug zappers to get rid of them.
Well this morning it was even worse. Wayne just sprayed some Raid in there and left. He said he had to hose their little corpse's off the floor there were so many of them.
We checked out the screen door and noticed that the top part of the screen had come loose of its rubber seal. We didn't notice this earlier as the glass part of the door touches it. So I fixed the screen and Wayne added extra weather stripping to the bottom of the door.  Hope that keeps those little buggers out.
By the time we finished that, it was to late to go for my walk. I like to go early in the morning when it is cooler out.

It has been a pretty relaxing day today.
Ashley is coming up tonight, can't wait to see her. I am always so nervous when she is on the highway.

Hope you all had a creative Friday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Well that's smart! OO I'd love to go swimming in the lake!

  2. I think your *guest camper* is so cute! It sounds like you're having a great time!

  3. LOL!!! Great minds think alike! I am tired of cleaning up all my crafts too so this year \i want to use the folding table in the bunkie when we don't have company...Since I decided that we have a variety of guest booked for every day of the next 10 days!!! LOL

    Si it is set it all up after dinner and take it down every morning for me

    I love your little guest trailer...|It is perfect for your crafts.

  4. Oh, looking at the lake makes me wish the weather here was better....however, went to lunch and had turtle pie- yum!!!

  5. It looks wonderful up there! Glad the bugs didn't get you today!! And glad you figured and fixed the door. Hope Ashley had a safe trip :)

  6. Seems like your family is having a great time. It does look so nice to be swimming =)

  7. Yes, If I am gonna get wet it better be warm. Although I have done more the my fair share of polar bearing I am not the young chic I used to be. LOL So I guess those dare days are over. LOL
    Have fun.

  8. I'm glad the bugs didn't get you on your walk this time! I love your guest trailer, but I would be like you - always running inside to see what everyone else is doing!


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