Wednesday, June 6, 2012

This card is Kick'n

Guess what day it is today?
If you guessed Design Team day for Redonkulous designs your right ;)
Today I used this image called "football/soccer girl"
I coloured her up with my copics and a couple of my Stampin' Up markers.
I find the Copics tips are not thin enough to add in some of the detail I want. So I hit up my Stampin Up markers :)

I tried a different skin tone on this girl. I am not sure if I am loving it yet.
But how would I know if I didn't try....right :)
I paper pieced her shirt and drew in the grass.
I just love the action in this image.

As much as I like this image I couldn't think what to use it on. Then I mentioned to my SIL, "What am I going to write....have a kick'n birthday?" then we looked at each other and said "That's pretty good, lol."
I stamped the banners and then coloured them in with my Stampin" Up markers and then hand cut them out. 

 The inside of my card.
You know I use recipe/index cards for the inside message.
I had printed out a couple of soccer balls from the internet and used the biggest one on the inside of the card.

 Here is something a bit different for me, I thought I would share the colours I used on this card.
When I showed hubby all the colours I had used, he was a bit shocked.
See I really do need all these markers, teehee.

As much as I really like my card, this cutie was fighting me every step of the way.
After I had coloured her up...which went smoothly. I backed the image on some paper and realized my regular 5.5 x 5.5 inch card base was too small.
So I went for a 6x6 card base. Took me forever to figure out which sized soccer ball I wanted on the front.
Then when everything was said and done, I went to open the card and found out I put everything on wrong as the card would have had to open backwards. Kristy had a bit of a chuckle out of that one.
So I just cut the front of the card off and adhered it to another card base.
That is what I get for leaving it until the last minute.

Here are the other DT projects
And of course Kim who has a project up every week.

Onto My Day:
As you know every second Wednesday is my Redonkulous DT projects and the post goes up while I am still snug in my bed. So not sure what my day will bring.
But I am hoping to finish my mini album and get it into the mail :)

Hope you all had a creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. She's adorable! Love her sassy pony tail! Hope you have a fabulous and creative Wednesday! :)

  2. Your colouring looks fab! Her hair highlights- I want them!
    Glad to know that I am. Or the o ly one who makes listless. ;0)

  3. Very cute card. Your colouring is so great.
    I understand why you needed all those markers, I just can't rationalize it for me.
    Enjoy working on your mini album today.

  4. great card Tracy, love how you drew in the grass x

  5. Great card, I love the soccer girl image, my Ash played soccer for 11 years and I have a TON of soccer pics! Great job on the coloring and yep, it's amazing how many colors we actually use.

  6. OMG She is so Pretty. I love the way you colored her up,beautiful job like always.


  7. Love this card! Great colouring, love how you do the grass! Hope you have a great night. Leigh

  8. Oh my...i've done the very same thing in the past...and i fixed it in the very same way...i've printed out as many as 5 or 6 different sheets to get it the way i want...but your efforts payed off. I love the paper piecing i didnt' even realize you did that...and the inside of the card is perfect...well done..tfs

  9. You cracked me up! I have had the same thing happen with a card and I did the same thing you did. Just cut it off and put in on a new base. I hate having a fight with a card but I guess I win most of the time so it is OK. LOL Love the card and you coloring is amazing. Yes you need all those colors and more. I have a list started for some colors I would like. I really love the way you colored the eyes. Very pretty!

  10. Amazing coloring. I have problem coloring skin and hair a lot of times. I still have a long way to go until I can color like you hehe...

  11. Your kickin' card is stinkin' cute! Great job coloring the image and the grass is great. Every time you draw things like that I think it's a stamped image. Yep, you're that good!!!!
    Guess what? Early in the morning we are going on a road trip to Louisiana, Jer needs to get his physical for his new job. So it's my turn to travel!! Yeah baby. ;)

  12. Oh Tracy! She turned out awesome even though you had to fight her! Hehe! I just LOVE the big soccer ball-such a great idea! The sentiment is absolute genius!!! You get a double high five for that one! =)

  13. CUTE! Your coloring is amazing.

  14. I'm always in awe of your coloring! I totally would've left the card backwards and been like, yeah, I made it, sorry about that! Hahaha

  15. What a great image - love your coloring :)

  16. Ha, so fun, I love the bunting! x

  17. Too cool of a girl card! I love non fluffy stuffy frilly girl cards and you did amazing on this one. Great coloring as well


  18. Great card :) really cute image!

  19. well your card turned out so pretty despite your head bumps from the size. LOL I hope you had a great day!


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