Saturday, June 2, 2012

Working on a Peaceful day

Today was a beautiful day at camp.
These beautiful butterflies were all over the beach.
I will tell you it is so peaceful here and it was like a breath of fresh air coming out again.

It is gorgeous out. Perfect weather, not to hot to do camp work.
Wayne and I loaded all this wood into the trailer and then brought it to camp.
We borrowed Wayne's dads trailer. I love this thing it can dump, so we were able to lift the back and just pick the wood out of the end. No bending over to pick it up off the ground or crawling inside to collect the you know who would be going into the trailer, lol.
When we were done, I went in the top the trailer and slide down....yes I am a kid at heart ;)

Onto My Day:
The girls surprised Wayne by coming out to the cottage after Heather was finished work. They told me as they wanted to make sure I knew they were on the responsible :)
Wayne had mentioned to Kristy when they chatted this afternoon, that he was sad she didn't come up. So they came up and surprised him, he was so happy :)

Remember I brought up my old camera because I have lost my new one.....well I took a couple of photos with it. Then my camera's internal memory card said it was full. I opened it memory card. I think I may have given it to one of the girls.
Wayne let me use is old big boy camera (yes it is a DLSR, that is what I call a big boy one). Funny thing is I couldn't find the zoom button, so came in to ask Wayne. Then he showed me you have to turn the lens....Duh. See I am not meant to have complicated electronics, lol.

The girls and I went for a few quad rides. We played a game of Sorry. Enjoyed a take out dinner from the restaurant. And enjoyed a nice hot sauna before bed. I did sneak in a bit of bookwork and worked on a bit of my mini :)
Perfect weekend.

Hope you all had a creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Hi Tracy! I came by to check on you. I haven't seen any videos and for some reason I don't get an email when you post here.
    That is a great trailer. Loading and unloading wood is just too much WORK! I have done enough of it my self.
    Love your pictures and am so glad you found your camera. That would be really bad.
    Miss you!

  2. Sounds like a perfect weekend =)

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend! I'd love a vacation home somewhere fun!

  4. That looks like a huge trailer!
    Lovely butterfly!

  5. Beautiful pictures. Sounds like it was a perfect day all around! I am so hopelessly not a photographer I don't even know what DLSR means! ;p

  6. That is great that the girls came up to meet you guys! I hate when I leave my memory card out! I have a few and I can never remember what is on which one!

  7. You handled the "Big Boyy" camera like you have used one forever. Beautiful butterfly shot.

    You are cute :-). That wagon does look like it would be fun to slide down :-). Glad your girls came out and Wayne was pleasantly surprised.


  8. My second favorite butterfly the swallowtail. These colors are the most common for the swallowtail but they come in many colors but usually with a black and white base. LOve them.
    Pretty picture and I am with you on the crawling in there and the bend over crap. LOL But the slide would be fun after I knew there were no left over spiders. I have one of the dirty buggers bite the crap out of me yesterday. I mean he had a feast. I have over 12 bites all over my body. He must have been looking for the sweetest spot. maybe that is why he gave up. LOl My belly, arms and 3 different spots on my back. They itch like crazy. Oh well i keep putting stuff on it.


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