Monday, May 6, 2013

A Look Into My Planner

More on my daily planner.
Which as you can see is not only my planner, but its also crafty, teehee.
This was last weeks "one week on two pages"
Cupcakes means its someone's birthday :)

Here is my "one month on two pages"
I like that I get a glimpse at the whole month to see what I have to do for that month.

After the month calendar, there are the weeks/days broken up in more detail.
I had so much fun decorating these pages. Isn't that little bee with the glue bottle so darn cute....that was my 12 hour crop day :)
I see washi tape ;)
I got this idea from My Purpley Life, isn't it great :)

I have a book full of stickers for my scrapbooking and I never really use them.
I have a huge collection, so it makes me happy to use them on here.
I see another birthday cupcake :)

Here is a page in the works.
This is my planner pages for this week.
The green teardrop is a sticky note that I can move for our next recycle day.
I have my Monday routines...even though I only got a few completed today ;)
Went shopping with Kristy instead ;)

I added tabs for my different sections.
I have one for Creative Ideas... Blog... Youtube Tracy's Treasures... YT for Defunkifying missions (which I am keeping on my same YT channel, so I can change it)... Home.

I also have top tabs. These tabs break up the sections in more detail.

Now if this is confusing to you I have a video explaining how this is working for me.
Again grab your favourite drink....and maybe a snack as this is a long one (I think about 20 mins) and enjoy how I am using my Day Planner :)
I hope you all had a very creative Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. I really like how you decorate your planner. It's so cute! I wish I made my planner as detail as yours. Mine is pretty simple with stamps. Your washi tapes are awesome!

  2. My goodness, such a cute planner to use!

  3. I love your planner! It has given me an itch to start this zone thing. Also....I almost peed myself at 4:04 LMAO

  4. this is the best planner i have ever seen!! love it

  5. This is a fantastic planner! It not only tells you what you have planned but serves as a memory book. Wonderful job!

  6. Tracy, your video was AMAZING! I like the new button better :) How do you cut the washi in half and get it to look so straight? Also, those page protectors are fabulous, didn't realize they had a flap. I absolutely loves this project!!!!

  7. Looking good! Now you can come do my agenda to make my days cheerier!.:)

  8. Love how you decorate your planner :)

  9. That's quite the planner you have! Like the way you are personalizing it. I have just a little one that fits in my purse!

  10. Wow, this is really great! I have tried using planners but they always get used for a day and then just sit there, empty. No wonder I'm so unorganized.

  11. Fabulous planner Tracy - wish I could be so organised! Love the way you have personalised it and made it useful to you. TFS

  12. I love how organized you are! This is so great!

    The tabs are my favorite part, because I love dividers and tabs!

    But that bee is my favorite design! How cute is that bee?!

  13. Yay! I just was able to sit down and watch the video over breakfast (much more enjoyable than the news, btw!)

    I am impressed with how organized you are. I really love how you have your cleaning divided up into zones. I'll have to remember that for when I have a house. Right now, the apartment could be its own zone! Hahaha

    And I got to see your sticker binder. That is a lot of stickers! I'm jealous. Even though, like you, I don't use stickers in my scrapping very often, I seem to have a ton and I always want more! Especially when they are extra cute like the bee or the NSD sticker or the school house.

    Okay, I'm going to stop rambling and go to work now!


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