Sunday, May 5, 2013

Finding the perfect planner

I know some of you (Becky) have been wondering how my Day Planner organizing is coming along.
I am having so much fun putting this all together. You know us crafters, we love our office supplies :)
What I have been doing is decorating my pages.
Crafting and organizing, whats not to love ;)
Here is the front of my Day Planner.
I added this flair button to decorate the tab as I wanted to cover up the symbol they had on there, and I wanted to personalize it.

If you remember from this post "More Organizing" I had a different planner. The first one I bought, the rings weren't big enough ;)
I did a video on finding the perfect planner for me.
It is a bit lengthy (I like short videos myself) so grab a cup of java....or in my case a can of Coke and enjoy my journey for the perfect planner.
Onto My Day:
I went to a wedding shower this afternoon.
I guess I must be getting old, as there were young children there...and they were loud.
I ended up getting a migraine...probably not from the children, but with the balloon popping and them popping the bubble wrap, they didn't help.
Thankfully my SIL, Sharon drove so I didn't have to drive. I lose parts of my vision when I get a migraine and I won't drive.
It went away a little after I came home.

I hope you all had a creative Sunday :)



  1. I like your planner! My day book at school is kind of my planner, I have to write things down there or I forget!

  2. I use a day planner too, have for 5 years. Yours looks like a good one:):):)

  3. I get more things done when I have a list too. If I don't I would just sit and watch tv series and have no idea what I should be doing lol... Great planner!

  4. Sorry to hear you had a migraine. They are the pits! Glad you found your perfect planner.

  5. your planner looks awesome!! sorry for the migraine! those are just awful. I hate it when those come on

  6. So sorry about your headache!
    Glad you had someone who could drive!!

  7. Great video. I still have a hard time giving up my paper calendar. I do so much with the smart phone but still want to see a visual calendar. It was fun to see what you are doing.

  8. I really like your planner. I'd be very upset about the month/day thing too.

    I'm glad your SIL was there to drive you home. That really stinks about the migraine!

  9. YAY, YAY, YAAAAAAAAY!!!!! This was awesome! That stinks you had to go back and get the other planner, but you were happier in the end, right? I love those page protectors you bought. Our Staples closed a couple of months ago :( I'm on the hunt for a planner right now, you've pushed me over the edge! I can't wait to see the finished pages! My kids are 11 and 5 (almost 6) and I know that's little compared to some, but I get annoyed but even younger kids. Isn't funny how your "kid tolerance" changes the older your kids get? Lol!


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