Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday's photo day

Okay, so I was misleading in my title ;)
These are iPhone photos from yesterday.
Today's photos would have been me cleaning the house...don't want to see that, lol.

I wanted to share my calendar yesterday, so that is why I didn't share my day of photos yesterday.
So here is the first one.
Finally at the lawyers signing our wills.
Look at all those books...I wonder how many times he fell asleep reading those ;)

I came out of the lawyers office to this.
A bit close don'tcha think.
Good thing I am still slender enough to get into my jeep (I'm the red one by the way ;)
Do you see the yellow that's because genius beside me here parked over it.

I made a quick look see over to Michaels.
I see washi tape is on for 40% off.  At these ridiculous prices who could afford them.
Now you wonder why I buy it when we go over to the States.
Funny thing is the Canadian dollar is only a penny or so lower. Even when our dollar was higher our prices were still way higher then anywhere else....shame on you Michael's.

 But as you can see...I picked myself up a container, teehee.

And lastly...guess where I was.
Now if you are on my personal Face book page, you know already ;)

So that is all for me for today.
Heading to the cottage when Wayne gets home. 1st time this year :)
I wonder what I will do up there?
Go for a walk...probably.
Drive the quad...probably.
Kayak around the lake....good chance.
Go for a swim...definitely NOT.
Not sure if I can get Internet this weekend, so if I can't I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

I hope you all had a very creative Friday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Enjoy your weekend at the cottage. Enjoyed seeing the pictures of your day!

  2. Don't you love being able to snap pics while you're out and about? It's so handy! I don't think my Michael's had that blue washi you picked up. Now I want to go back and look! Lol! Can't wait to hear about the "Great Camp Adventures of Wayne and Tracy!" You always have a story about your time up there :)

  3. I know, the prices are disgraceful- with most things that come from there. Lots of excuses as to why! Have fun at the cottage!

  4. Loved the pictures! Enjoy your weekend at the cottage!

  5. Some people have no idea how to park !!

    That is what annoys me about the prices in our Michaels - so much different. Usually end up paying the same as US, after our coupons!

    Have a great weekend.

  6. I wonder how many of those books have never even been cracked open. lol. That car is way too close. I hate that-I do not want dings in my car from other people's doors. ugh.

  7. I hope you had a great time at the cottage!

    I wonder where you looks like in a car that hasn't gotten its snow brushed off. But that's probably just me wishing for some cold in this crazy heat!

    Um, someone needs to get Michael's up to speed on currency and make them stop charging you so much for washi! This is just not cool!

    The parking guy - that is one of my pet peeves. Just park in the lines and so I can get out of my car!

    I am willing to bet washi tape that no one has ever opened more than half of those books!


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