Saturday, May 11, 2013

Kristy and My Day in Photos

I thought I would do another "share my day in Photos" post.
All photos were taken with my cell phone...except for Florence ;)

Today I attended the Florence Nightingale walk in support of our local nurses.
It was suppose to snow today, but thankfully we just hit a bit of rain.

My beautiful and youngest daughter Kristy joined me on this walk :)
Even though it was really cold, windy and we got a bit of rain, we still enjoyed ourselves.
But anytime spent with my girls is a great time.

The walk was around Boulevard Lake. It is over 5 kilometers/ which is over 3.5 miles.
But Kristy and I went off the beaten path to take a closer look at the rushing water and get some pictures.
This photo is of the Black Bay bridge crossing Current River.

This is the Current River looking down from the bridge.
See waaaay down there, that is Boulevard Lake.
The walking trail goes all around the lake and part of the river.
The water was in full force today.

Here is Kristy ;)
As you can see we are off the beaten trail :)

See that bridge in the distance?
That is the one we crossed in the above photo, to get to the other side of the River.

Kind of hard to take a rest on the top of this chair.
But I am sure many teenagers have tried...and probably succeeded ;)

 Kristy snapped this photo of me and my friend Myra.
Myra put this walk together (she is a nurse).
See Myra was smart, she wore her winter jacket.
We are walking over the dam to get to the where we first started from.
I think that tiny white dot on the right is our starting and finishing point.

The dam must have been wide open as this water was crazy.
You could hardly hear yourself talk it was so loud.

As you can see we still have snow, and ice on the water.
Actually it snowed a bit after supper.
My friend Debbie is at her camp and shared a photo of her all bundled up, with snow on her hood, as it is snowing more up there.
I would love to share her photo, but she periodically checks my not sure if she would want me to, even though she is so cute in the photo :) Way better then the photo I posted of me, lol.

So that was my day in photos.
I didn't take pictures of the greasy hamburger, fries, onion rings, pastry, chips and pop that I had after this walk, lol.
So much for the calories I burnt today, lol.

I hope you all had a creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Looks like an awesome time except for the jacket part :):)

  2. are both in great shape to walk all that way...that is just a little white dot in the distance!

  3. Oh wow - fabulous photos and go you for doing the walk :-) Still snow - oh no! Great time to spend together though, with all that lovely fresh air.

  4. Happy Mother's Day, Tracy. I know how much you love to spend time with your girls. Me, too. You had quite the walk yesterday and I loved you sharing your photos. Hope our warm weather reaches you soon - we are having temps into the 80's this weekend.

  5. Thanks for sharing these. Looks like a wonderful mother/daughter walk. Happy Mother's Day!

  6. What beautiful pictures! You really do live in such a beautiful place :) Next time you'll know to take your winter coat, huh? Lol!

  7. Lovely pics. Looks cold though!! I'm hoping today was our last chilly day at around 55 degrees.

  8. This looks awesome! The water is so cool! Canada is so beautiful!


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