Saturday, May 25, 2013

Living the cottage life

Wayne and I came out to the cottage yesterday and it is as gorgeous as ever.  Still a bit nippy in my opinion but perfect weather for working outside.
And that is exactly what we did all day today.

We took off all of the storm windows, put out the patio furniture, hung our solar lights and name signs.
We even had time to fit in a quad ride and a wee nap in ;)

Can you see what is wrong with this?!
Seriously Heinz stop messing with my head, lol

I think we eat better up here then at home.... But then again Wayne does all the cooking up here, teehee
I am posting this on my IPhone so not sure how it will look or even if it turns out.

But if it does I hope you all enjoyed your day and hope it was a creative Saturday



  1. Love the top photo. And your meal looks awfully yummy too!

  2. your Post Turned Out Great! Your Smiley Faces Look Like ?? Though. That Meal Looks Amazing!!!! So Glad You're Having A Good Time :)

  3. Post is great. Love the lake shot. I can squeeze my motor home somewhere there.

  4. Fabulous post - great photos and love the look of yummy lunch/supper :-) TFS

  5. Gorgeous views. That food looks yummy! Your ketchup and mustard are upside down. LOL.

  6. Oh! I'm so glad that you are up at the cottage! And yum to that dinner - Wayne must be a great cook!

    But seriously , Heinz, what are you doing?! Why do they go all different ways!


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