Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Day in Photos....

Iphone photos that is ;)
I started my day driving Kristy and her friends to school...its my week to drive. And I also drove Heather to work.
When I got home, I grabbed tunes and went for a walk.
Its been a long time since I have been for walk outdoors. It was pretty chilly out. It took me most of the day to warm up.
Look, look grass....dead grass but it is grass :)

I had to do quite a few errands.
So I figured since I was out I might as well have some fun while I was at it ;)
So I paid a visit to the book store. Can you believe there was not one book on scrapbooking. I was looking for a book on scrapbooking sketches. Nope, not one.
Then went into Winners, just to see what they had. I don't normally go into Winners....not sure if they are all like this, but ours has a bit of an unpleasant smell to it.
On the way I had to stop for a train.
No, I wasn't driving when I took this photo. There was a bit of a wait so I shut off the jeep.

Then I decided to go to Michael's.
I had taken a quick peek at the May's tag Tim Holtz is doing and thought I would pick up some of his rub-ons. Not surprised our store didn't have them.
I also wanted to pick up some distress stains....ummmm, nope, not at these prices.

But I did pick up the bird cages as they were on clearance for $2.99.
I really like these journal pads. They have prompts on them. It will be fun write in my Smash journal. Of course I used a coupon for them ;)

I had to pick up some groceries and Heather wanted to come with me.
She said she needed to stalk up on her chocolate supply, lol.
Then she shared a peanut butter cup with me. Man, these have shrunk over the years.

Lastly I picked myself up some bright happy coloured flowers :)
I figured I deserved a treat after my walk today ;)

So that was my day in photos :)
I had fun clicking away phone photos today :)
Do you take many photos with your phone?

I hope you all had a creative Wednesday :)



  1. I was hoping that sale priced one was distress inks for ya! Nice to see grass, the deer have been hanging around A LOT eating any wee green thing. We had 6 in the yard one night!

  2. i am so happy that you can see grass!!!! how exciting! hopefully the snow is over for you!!

  3. Fun photos, Tracy!
    We are just starting to feel Spring here. Actually a bit of summer. At least the past three days. And now the weekend is dropping down again!

    I think I take more photos with my camera phone than the regular cameras lately. The most I have taken with a regular camera for 2013 was on trip.

  4. I feel like I cheated today as I already saw some of these photos ;) I take a ton of photos with my phone. It's so handy and always with me. Good grief those distress stains are expensive!

  5. This is such a cute idea. I wonder if I can get my girls to do this so I scrapbook

  6. Great ideas, I agree the peanut butter cups are no where the size they used to be :)

  7. Such a great post Tracy - thanks for sharing your day, I won't tell you that it was 26c here today in Ottawa, Bye bye Winter hello Summer. Sorry :-)

  8. To cold here, with a chance of rain/snow tomorrow. Thank god for treadmill's. Lol. Since I work outdoors, it's nice to be inside a nice cool room on a hot day. I love peanut butter cups yummy. Pretty flowers, Glad you got out and had a good time.:)

  9. Your snow has disappeared quickly, just like ours. Too bad more atom stuff wasn't on sale. Pretty flowers.

  10. What a fun day! I used to hate in Chicago when I'd get caught by those trains. But they're also kind of pretty, in an industrial kind of way!

    The flowers however, are pretty in a flowery girly pretty kind of way!


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