Friday, May 3, 2013

My desk called and I listened ;)

Remember my clean desk yesterday?
Well, it was screaming "Come and create on me", so I couldn't disappoint it ;)
I am working on a card for my DT Challenge this month, and enjoying a can of Coke while I'm at it.

Now this is a scary sight in a house with 4 women....only one roll of toilet paper left.
So after driving Kristy to school I went straight to the store to stock up.....we buy this stuff in bulk ;)

At supper tonight as I was pulling apart my chicken wing...I thought I saw a tiny piece of food fly across the table.
I took a peek into Heather's cup of water (not thinking it would have landed in there) well sure enough there is, in her cup, lol.
What was even funnier, was Heather thought I had put it in there on purpose as I peeked into it, lol.

Tonight was Friday Night Scrapbooking, sadly my ladies had to go home early as we have freezing rain :(
The poor robins I saw today are probably so confused right now. With all the snow and now freezing rain....poor things :(

I hope you all had a creative Friday :)

Tracy :)


  1. I hope they all got home safely! How could you let the tp get so low. ;0)

  2. Your desk looks like you have been productive:):):)

  3. Glad you are messy that clean desk up. I hate freezing rain. Thankfully, only raining here,

  4. Too funny!! Glad you're using that desk-it was looking a little lonely. Sorry about the freezing rain. The only thing I hate worse than snow is freezing rain.

  5. Your Desk Looks Rather Tidy While Your Working On That Card. Guessing You'll Give Me Some Excuse Like You Don't Want Your Coke To Spill So You're Being Careful, Right? Lol! freezing Rain Is The Worst! Much Rather Have Snow Than Freezing Rain!

  6. My family buy toilet rolls in bulk too. We go through those like crazy!!!. Poor those robins. My crafting area been calling for me too. I haven't touch it for I think a month now lol... >.<

  7. The papers look wonderful, can`t wait to see what you have created. Ugh! Freezing rain - oh no :-( Hope things perk up soon.

  8. "Now this is a scary sight in a house with 4 women....only one roll of toilet paper left." LOL. That could be the making of Scary Movie 6.

    I was able to make cards this weekend too - got some birthdays I had to get cracking on!

  9. I love what you are creating on your desk!

    I hope everyone made it home okay with the freezing rain.

    Totally agree about the toilet paper. Having just one roll in a house with just one girl scares me. I can't imagine if there were 4 of me (although I'd certainly get a lot more cleaning and scrapping done!)


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