Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sticker Storage

Since I have been slowly organizing my supplies, I thought I would share with you how I store my stickers.
I put my sticker binder together many years 10 yrs ago ;)
Just so you know I label everything ;)

I store my stickers in a large binder.
I adhere the back of the sticker packaging on cheap copy paper.
Then just slide it in a page protector in my binder.

Here is the binder opened up.
When I want to use them I just pull them out of the page protector.
I like the idea of the page protectors so if a sticker falls off the sheet, it will hopefully stay in the protector.

Honestly I don't really use my stickers.
I think one of the reasons is because this binder is so flippin heavy and another reason is because I store it in one of my higher cupboards.
I am only 4' 10" tall and am a weakling, so this isn't working for me ;)
So I am going to leave it out for easy access and hopefully will use them more.
Plus I think I will use them more now that I am using my day planner and Smash book now :)
Here are some of the stickers that never made it into the binder.
I actually think I would use them more if they were in a basket and I could flip through them more easily...but I went through all this work on the binder so many years ago, that I will try to give this another chance :)

Onto My Day:
I had to do a lot of running around today.
I was also packing up for my weekend of major scrappin' :)

Oops almost forgot..I made a video of my sticker binder  :)

I hope you all had a creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)


  1. A binder looks like a great way to store stickers. I keep mine in a drawer and don't use them as much as other supplies. Just never been much of a sticker girl. Hope you have a happy Friday!

  2. Your binder looks like a great way to store your stickers. I don't really use stickers too much either! I bet you have been running around getting ready for your weekend.

  3. Love stickers, the scratch and sniff ones are awesome! I hope you have a fun weekend!

  4. looks like a great system. i don't use a lot of stickers- i have some alphabet stickers but that is about it

  5. Stickers, stickers and more stickers!!! Have a fabulous time on your weekend away:-)

  6. This is how I store my stickers too. So easy and organized. I never thought to adhere the pack to a piece of copy paper though. I like that idea. Thank you!

  7. I love using hanging file folders for my stickers, so easy to flip through or go to the section I need. Since I don't use as many anymore, I switched over to a basket I can flip through easily. I saw on another blog recently a very cool organizer she used for stickers (you could use for about anything) that was basically "stadium seating" for your supplies. Shorter or smaller packages in front, taller things in back, but it looked rigid and sat on her desk. I believe it was made by Cropper Hopper. Might be worth looking into if you want something easier to flip through?!

  8. I Think A Binder Is AGreat idea, But Ten Years Ago You Probably Didn't Know You Were A Flipper. Lol! I Don't Have Very Many Stickers, So A BinderMay Be Perfect For Me! IHope You Really Enjoy Your Long, CrafTy Scrappy Girls Weekend :)

  9. Wow! you have alot of stickers!..Boy see wHat I have been missing out by missing friday night scrapbooking ?!... so behind so behind.... Have fun this weekend! stay dry and ttyl - Hugs!~

  10. that is so stinkin clever to keep them all in a binder!!! mine are just thrown into a cubby. LOL, out of sight, out of mind! I hardly use my stickers too. I think this might help me use them more, to use your sticker binder method. I know you said you don't think so, but i think its a genius idea! thanks for sharing it!

  11. I have a similar system and I never use my stickers either. I keep saying I'm going to send them off to goodwill or give them to my daughter's speech therapist to use with her students.

  12. Hey! I've got a sticker binder like that! And a basket too!

    I thought I was using my stickers more, because they were out...but yeah...its hard!

    I do use them at school though, on 100% papers!

  13. I am laughing while watching this because I have some of the same 10 year old stickers! LOL! Good for you for starting to use them! Maybe you will inspire me! .... Nahhhh probably not ;-) Like you, I do not use my stickers much!


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