Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tips for you Desktop Carousel

Do you have one of these Desktop Carousels?
Or one like it?
Do you love it?
I love mine, it can hold so much stuff :)

 But what I don't like is when my tools fall over, end up at the bottom of that section and I have to take everything out to retrieve it.
Now isn't that a pain?!

So I devised a way for this NOT to happen again.
See that little white divider in there?
I took a piece of white foam core board cut it to size and made my compartment have another section :)

But I wanted another section, so I added 2 pieces of foam core board to make 3 sections.
Tip: When you are cutting your foam core, make sure you make it fit tight. You could add some hot glue, or sticky dots (snot dots) but I don't think I need it.

Now isn't that a lot nicer ?
It works so much better as well. I don't have to dig around to get to the bottom to retrieve my tools.
I also add tags to my smaller tools to help me retrieve them easier :)

I also did this for my pens section.
The pens are long enough that they don't fall to the bottom, but I wanted them separated for easier access. Pencils, pens and markers all in their own section :)

I also made a very short video (3:45 mins) with more detail on how I did this.
Plus there are a few more tips in the video :)

Onto My Day:
I spent most of the day picking out photos to get developed for my long weekend of scrappin'.
I am so excited :)

I hope you all have had a creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Great little video. I don't have one of those carousels, though. You are getting yourself organized for the weekend.

  2. I love my carousel too, now I just need to get some foam core board... Maybe a trip to the dollar store is in order. I heard they might have some good planner items too! I'm excited for your girls scrapping weekend, you know, for you. Lol!

  3. Great ideas, I need more organization. When my studio is clean, it appears very organized, but it must not be, because with every project, it turns into a mess. It is small, so I'm tripping over myself at times:) Thank you for sharing :)
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  4. Great idea for dividers! My stuff is in little buckets on my shelf...I have a little unit I liked at a local shop that I just decided would fit in my room for jars. ;0)

  5. You are so resourceful. Such a great idea!

  6. That is one of those items like the slice and cameo, that I have on my list but never bought. I really like it!
    Great tips for when I do :)

  7. The foam core is a great idea for making dividers. I think these are very attractive but it doesn't really fit my space with all my other turntable style holders for stamp pads so I have several smaller narrow containers instead.

  8. I really want one, but since I don't have a desk wait I think I will hold off but thank you for the great tips!

  9. I don't have one of those carousels but it looks really useful. The tips in your video make it look even better. I worry about the tips of my really pointy scissors.
    In case I don't get back to you before your scrapin' weekend have a great time.

  10. I don't have one of these, but that is a great tip! It can apply to many different storage units. Will have to remember that. Your scrapping weekend sounds fun!

  11. you are so clever, tracy!!! loved the video and the LOL in the middle of it!

  12. Great idea with the foam core :)

  13. I like how you modified it! What a cool idea!

  14. I love these too. I have one on my scrapping table and one on my sewing machine table. Love your mods. I'll have to try that because on the one on my sewing table, I do lose my stuff in those compartments sometimes.

  15. Love these ideas for my carousel! (Sorry I am a little behind reading your blog!) I am sure I will be using some of these tips!

  16. Love these ideas for my carousel! (Sorry I am a little behind reading your blog!) I am sure I will be using some of these tips!


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