Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Birthday/Halloween card

I got nothing for you today.
Sooooo I will show you a card that I made last year. We have a close friend who's birthday is on Halloween. So I made him this card.
I used one of the $1.50 wooden stamps for the mummy. The punched out spiders were from a single punch, that I just used like a border punch. I then heat embossed the purple border.
Simple but cute (well in my opinion).

Today I had to take my jeep in to get it appraised for the damages that happened when we hit the deer, oops hubby said the deer hit us. Ya he doesn't take the blame for anything LOL.
So I had to drop the jeep off at 8:30am after I brought Ashley to work. Then had to wait for the courtesy ride. When I got home I cleaned the house and checked out my favourite blogs. Phoned to see if my jeep was done. Then waited for the courtesy ride to pick up my jeep. Then picked up Ashley from work, then Kristy from school and came home to make supper.
Watched Bones, then Survivor and then some more bones. Then going nighty night.

Oh ya the jeep dealer phoned me to see if I liked the jeep. I told them I would like it better if it came with a free car starter like the Ford did. Well I get a fax offering me a free car starter installed. Humm, guess they want me to buy their jeep :) This after hubby told me no way would they do that. That is why hubby does not do the deals on vehicles.

I need to spend less time on the computer and more on my home and craft. But there are so many cool blogs out there.

Hope your Wednesday was a crafty one.



  1. Blogging and reading blogs takes A LOT of time, I know!!!

    Love the recycled card. :)

  2. Very cute card - love the mummy!

  3. I could rule the world if I could just get away from the internet for an hour, LOL!

  4. This is a cute card! That's cool that Jeep was offering you a deal to get you in!

  5. I love Mummy's and this card is awesome. LOVE my starter in my Jeep. We need it up here. Now get craftin!


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