Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall Is Here

In our house you know that the season's change when I take down my beloved wall hangings/quilts and change them for the next season.
I just love this one. It is actually a large throw. Isn't it beautiful.
Another sure sign that the seasons are changing is when we go up to our cottage and close it up for the winter. This pulls at my heart a bit. I love this place.
This weekend we are going up there and shutting it up. Turning off the water, draining the water pipes and bringing home food and supplies that won't keep through out too long of a winter.
Yes it is a sad weekend.
But looking on the bright side of things (yes I am a glass is half full type of girl, hubby on the other hand...not so much teehee). I will have my weekends to spend in my craft/scrap room, so many projects I want to try. I get to have my friends over for Friday night scrap booking, I miss that all summer.
Yes I do enjoy the crisp, clean fall air, I do enjoy coming in from outside with the tip of my nose a bit chilled. I enjoy using my oven (got you didn't I, LOL. I hate cooking!). Sleeping in during the weekend, just snuggling in the warm covers.
Yes there is a reason I love the change in seasons. It is brand new, sure we get them every year, but its like a clean slate from the last one. Looking forward to the Fall. Now Winter not to much LOL.

I brought my banners to the post office today. I was suppose to send Gale a self addressed, stamped envelope. Ok, no problem right? Wrong.
It would have cost me $4.00 for purchasing each American stamp! Crazy!!! It cost me about $14.00 to sent hers. So if it cost that much to send me the other banners, I would have to pay $56.00 plus the price of the stamps. I think next time I go to the States I will smuggle in stamps, I could make millions.
So what I did was, I put in the self addressed envelope and some American money. Hopefully Gale doesn't mind putting the postage on. I am sure there is going to be money left over, so hope she has a coffee or 3 on me :)

Enjoy your weekend



  1. LOL...the problem with buying cheaper stamps here in the U.S. is that you can only mail them in the U.S. Postage isn't interchangeable. Canada Post is sooo expensive....and SLOW.

    Sad to see summer coming to an end....but it sure doesn't feel like it here. It's 91 today. UGH.

  2. Hope that you enjoy your last weekend at the cabin.

  3. I love that pic of the water. I can see why you would miss it so much. I love fall, too. It sure isn't feeling like it right now. It got up to 90 degrees today! But tomorrow is supposed to be only 62 degrees. That's more like it!;-) I'll be ready to take out all of my fall things next week. Can't wait!:-)

  4. tracy,
    what a beautiful picture of your cabin view. just breath taking! Just signed up to follow your blog!

  5. Aww.. you closing up the house makes ME sad.

    Winter sucks!

    I have a funny story for you. There's this blog I read. To be honest, I don't like this person very much... yes I know... I shouldn't read it but I do anyway. So anyway, I see someone post on her blog and the name is VERY similar to yours and I was instantly like "Oh HELL NO.. Tracy is MINE!" LOL.

    For reals.
    I call dibs on you.

  6. Have a good weekend and I for one am looking forward to you crafting at home then being selfish here hope you post some of your lovely projects for us to share, well me to CASe tee hee


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