Thursday, September 16, 2010

I love Bones

I am so addicted to this series!!!
Heather got Wayne and I hooked on this show.
I think I'm in love with Agent Booth. I envy Bones, she is a kick ass, smart, passionate woman.
Yup we are on Season 2.
This is how we watch TV series. Every time hubby and I get into a TV show, they cancel it. So we don't watch them anymore. We wait until we know that they aren't going to cancel it and then buy them when they come out on DVD.

Today I drove Ashley to work, then Kristy to school, then Heather to work. Can you say Taxi. LOL.
When I brought Heather to work, I ended up visiting for over 2 hours. My SIL and friend Sharon was working today and she didn't want me to leave :)

I was suppose to go into a Halloween Banner swap that Gale was putting on. Because my life was turned upside down, I totally forgot about it. Gale contacted me today about it (she was unaware of my dad's passing). She was going to do the banner piece that I was assigned to do. She was so sweet and wanted to make sure that I was up to it. I am so up to creating :) One other lady hasn't handed her piece in, so I figure I still have time.
Guess what I will be doing at camp this weeked :)

Thankful Thursday
1. chatting with a friend
2. caring people, even when they don't know you.
3. Lunch with my daughter.
4. Getting to be creative again.

Hope your day was a crafty one.



  1. I can't wait to see what you make for your banner. I finally finished that piece for my SIL and will hopefully get a picture of it up by the weekend.

  2. Hee:) Never watched that show, but it looks fun!

  3. Yes, My daughter and I started watching bones reruns last summer and got hooked. This summer I got hooked on reruns of Las Vegas. The series just ended. There was no closure tying up of loose ends or anything It was awful.

  4. Tracy,
    I don't watch Bones but my hubby loves that show.
    Can't wait to see your banner

  5. I think Bones is fab, I love watching it.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  6. OMG you are too funny! I love Bones too. My hubby gets grossed out by the body stuff, he's more NCIS (which I *heart* too). Looking forward to the banner!!!

  7. I never watched that one, either....but I just got hooked on Castle!


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