Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I so need some "Me" time :)

Today would have been my MIL's 79th birthday.
She passed away 8 years ago. I loved this woman like she was my mother.
When I moved out of the house at 16 she would ask Wayne where I was at supper time.
When hubby and I eloped, she was so happy for us, she just said she wished she could have been there.
When I was giving birth to my children she phoned the hospital to make sure I was Ok.
When ever I wanted to spend time with her she was always there.
Cil loved her children and adored her grandchildren. She always had a junk food cupboard for the little ones.
Cil and I would talk for hours. I would visit her a couple times a week and we loved to go out for lunch and shop.
Cil and I loved to sit on the swing at camp talking as we watched my girls play on the beach.
I still miss her. I can't believe she has been out of our lives for 8 yrs.

On to some happier news........We are going to Minneapolis this weekend yahoo.
I went to the bank to exchange money. Just a tidbit for us Canadians, you get a better exchange rate if you exchange more then 1000.00.
I think I exchanged that amount for just me teehee.....I'm planning on buying lots of crafting goodies :)
I am soooo looking forward to this.
I went to CAA and bought my travel health insurance. Another is cheaper to get this at CAA as apposed to getting it at the bank.
I ran around all day today. My brother Darrell and I had some business with something concerning my dad. So we went for coffee after. Now I Hate coffee with a capitol "H". See I put a capital H just to prove it. So I had Coke, yup I did and it was soooo good.

Hope your Wednesday was a crafty one. I soooo wish mine was.



  1. I hate coffee, too! BLECCCH!!!!! (But I would have had a diet pepsi).

    What a beautiful tribute to your MIL. Sounds like you had a fantastic relationship.

    Have fun on your weekend away! Enjoy!!! (I was gonna say "Don't spend too much money" but it looks like I'd be preaching to the walls!)

  2. Another sad day for you but hey you have a great weekend to look forward to. Looking forward to hearing what crafty goodies you get

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful relationship with your mother in law. Enjoy your trip to the States!

  4. I hope you have a good trip!!!

  5. Your mil sounds like she was a wonderful person. Your trip sounds like great fun, especially the shopping for crafty goodies part! And thanks for your comment on my LO..I like the same version you chose, for the same reason! :)

  6. So sorry that you are missing your MIL so, I know that can be hard.
    Enjoy your trip, buy, buy, buy. Can't wait for the show & tell!

  7. Great page and such sweet comments about your MIL. Enjoy the shopping!!!! :)

  8. Tracy,
    I hope you enjoy your weekend.


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