Monday, September 6, 2010

Can I turn back Time... please.

I started this book last night and finished it today. Just because I read it quickly doesn't mean it was a book that I loved.
I almost didn't read it. I forced myself to get past the first few chapters. What is up with me lately?
This is the only other book I brought with me to camp so I picked it up again.
It was a story about 2 sisters and a male friend who grow up together during their summer's on the Island. It was kind of a cat and mouse love story...which I don't care for. Actually I am not one for mushy romance.
I wanted to read it because it took place in the summer and thought it would be more geared towards the sister's relationship.
There were a few discrepancy's, like the dad turned off and drained the water from under the house, came out dirty then took a shower, What the water was turned off for the your research LOL.

I woke up to this scene this morning. Isn't it mysterious. The sun was out but the mist on the lake was thick and moving fast. So neat to see.
We won't be going to camp next weekend as we are heading off to Minneapolis. Yeah, I can't wait. Hope Ashley gets the day off work, so we can all go.
As I was saying I am making some Thank You cards for the kind friends that sent food and such when my dad passed away. I used my new stamp set. I saw this idea on Donna's blog.
I didn't have my acrylic block or my paper trimmer or even a straight edge ruler, LOL. It is 3x3 in size. I have made 3 of them so far. I then read some where that Canada Post won't mail out anything this small. I guess I had better find out before I do anymore.
I used pigment ink, boy that stuff smears easy. Its good for embossing but not if you want something to dry right away. But this is the only ink I had in this colour.
So what do you think? Hubby and I are going to finally watch a movie. Not sure when the last time we have watched a movie together. My shows should be on tonight, Hoarders, Intervention and Obsessed but not to sure if I can stay up late enough to watch them tonight.

Kristy starts school tomorrow. Wow my baby is in grade 10 this year. Where did the time go. Seriously Where the Hell did the Time Go!!!

Hope your long weekend was a relaxing, I know mine was :)



  1. That photo is really cool, and your card is gorgeous.

    What is with Canada Post? So many stinkin' rules!!! I've gotta say, I LOVE USPS compared to Canada Post since moving to the U.S.

  2. Beautiful photo, Tracy!

    I just hate when I pick up a book and it turns out to be a not-so-wonderful book.

  3. Love your photo and card, so sorry about the book!


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