Saturday, September 4, 2010

It a cold one today

Today we went for lunch at Ignace. It is about a half hour drive from our cottage.
Kristy and Heather came up to camp with us. Since the restaurant is closed for the season (until the hunters come that is) we decided to treat them. We also had to get propane for the BBQ. I checked out some of the gift shops, not too much in them though.
Oh ya I think Wayne spent about $40.00 in here on junk food the girls picked out LOL.
I spent the rest of the day trying to upload this post.
The motel lets us use their internet for a small fee. I usually just drive the quad up and then prop my laptop on the back seat while I face the opposite way on the front seat. Which works out fine...except for the sun reflecting off the screen.
So I came down the first time and got in the shade and set up. Well I couldn't find my cursor in the light, then after a while my fingers got to cold, so I headed back.
Then I warmed up and went to try again.
I visited with Louis (the owner of the motel) and paid her for this months use for the internet. Then she told me to go in the breakfast room as it is getting to cold out. How sweet of her.
So I set up my laptop and started to download my pictures. Well then my battery died...GGGGRRRRRR.
So went back and charged my battery. And well here I am.
Determined aren't I? LOL.

The sun has been out all day, but it is chilly. We want to take the dock out of the water this weekend as the girls are here to help us. Hope it warms up.
Kristy starts school this Tuesday, so I know the girls probably won't come up again with us until winter.

I hope you are having fun this long weekend :)



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