Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jeep hunting

Isn't this so cute.
This is at the hotel near our cottage.
I plan to make one for our cottage. But instead of putting Welcome in his hands I think I want to put a fishing rod.
Boy I have a lot of creative plans.
On Sunday when Heather was greasing the trucks, I called to her because I didn't see her under the truck. Can you find her? LOL
Here she is greasing the back of the dump box. Guess you need to be skinny to be a greaser, LOL. Those coveralls are huge on her.
We are on Season 4 of Bones. Heather, Wayne and I watch a few episodes everyday after supper.Today was spent test driving a few vehicles. They had a red Jeep Liberty:) It was a 2010, brand new though, so full warranty. I didn't get to try that one as it was in the show room.
I did try the black 2011 though. One problem with it though (well 2) is that because I am vertically challenged (hubby's way of calling me short) I have to pull the seat waaay up. The steering wheel column's plastic is almost touching my knee. Oh and there is a molded cup holder in the back on the floor in the center. Having 3 children, 1 is not going to be happy during our family outings
There weren't very good incentives to buy. They were only offering $2500.00 off the 2010 Jeep. Ford was offering better incentives. But the prices were pretty close.
Decisions, decisions.
Its Tuesday
So what have you done today to make you feel proud?
1. Made banana bread
2. Took a nap when I was exhausted.
3. I put on pretty clothes.
4. Took my girls out to lunch.


  1. Your daughter is teeny tiny like you! :)

    Good luck on the car shopping.....sometimes it's fun....and other times it's a pain.

  2. I was going to say that either that is one ginormous truck or your daughter is "vertically challenged". ;-) Love the moose. That will look great at your cottage.:-)

  3. Love the moose; it would look great with a fishing rod!

  4. Tracy,
    That moose is adorable. I like the ideo of him holding a fishing rod and think it would look great at your cottage.

  5. It's pretty funny that your daughter just gets lost in that truck! I hope the drivers can see her before they hop in!

  6. your daughter doesn't even look like she is in the overalls. They look like they got stuck on something and they are just hanging there LOL.

    Ugh, car shopping. Good luck!

  7. That moose it too cute. I think he would look great with a fishing rod.

  8. I like car shopping...it's the filling out the paperwork that I dislike. hahaha. You probably don't find too many 19 year olds who know how to grease a dump truck. Is that a regular job she does or is this a family-owned business?

  9. The moose is adorable! I totally understand what you mean about crafty plans. The list is never ending.

  10. Wow, if one didn't know Heather was in the coveralls you'd sware they were just hanging there. And, the moose is so cute!

  11. Hi Tracy...
    What a cute Moose, I've seen them holding the poles before they are adorable. I didn't know you liked to quilt. I used too! I haven't been doing a lot of scrapping..kinda lost my mojo so I picked up my knitting needles and made a hat, finished that and now working on crocheting a hat. Seems kinda nice getting back into other crafty things.
    Oh good luck vehicle shopping..I hate it. LOL

  12. I'm a Bones fan also! I just wish those two would get together already. The suspense is killing me!

    The moose is super cute! :D


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