Friday, September 10, 2010


Unless you have been living under a rock you know that I have been so excited to go to Minneapolis.
Every time we go on a trip I make a treat bag for my girls. I wasn't going to do one this time as my girls are getting older. I thought 21 and 19 were to old, Kristy is 15 so maybe for her. But hubby insisted that we still give them their treat bags. We we made them up. I didn't have time to make them all pretty, but the girls were just as excited to receive them.
When we were out getting the treats hubby spotted the new Canadian Scrapbooker. I LOVE this magazine!!!!
I brought it to read in the hotel. On our drive up I was very tired. So I napped. I hate napping while hubby drives. Not only do I miss out on stuff, but when I wake up I want to brush my teeth. Well I sure did miss out this time. We hit a deer on the drive up! I was napping and heard a THUD. I knew immediately what it was. It just ran out on the road. Hubby is a hunter and is always watching out for them even when we are driving. He said this one just bolted across the road. The deer was fine. It didn't miss a beat. Our jeep on the other hand was damaged. As you can see, the bumper is cracked. That is hair on it too, gross, poor thing. Luckily it wasn't a second sooner as it would have ended up in our windshield. Ok now on to the fun stuff. Here is my hubby's favourite store. I don't mind going in here myself. No I don't like hunting or fishing, but they do have fudge :)
During our shopping trip I found a doll that Nicole (from Canadian Nickel Scrapn) would love :)
This is a display they have hanging from the ceiling. It is beautiful, little crystals glistening in the lights.
Now onto the real fun stuff:)

Here is some goodies I picked up from Archiver's. They had so much stuff I wanted. Here are the Tim Holtz dies I was looking for :) They had Graphic 45 paper packs. I didn't know that they carried this. They never had any other time I have been here.
Some more paper packs :)
The last one. They had one more but I didn't like it as much.
These papers are from "Lost and Found". You can't tell but there is sparkle on certain areas of the patterns.
These papers are also from "Lost and Found." They also have a tad of sparkle. They are just beautiful.
These papers are from "My Minds Eye." The bottom 12x12 is punch out die cuts. The house and the witch have a velvet feel to them.
This Christmas paper is from "BoBunny." Isn't it just gorgeous!
Can you believe I even have money to spare LOL. Oh I did get a stack of 7 fat quarter bundle. I forgot to take a photo. But I will let you drool over these treasures and I will post again tomorrow with more goodies.

I want to go home and play now......well maybe after a few more stores :)

Hope your Friday was as enjoyable as mine was. Tomorrow Joannes!



  1. Now then Tracy ... you don't tell someone like me not to look 'cus you know I am gonna..... and drool I did, so envious but hope you are having a great trip. Looking forward to see what you do with it all. I a pad of 12x12 graphic 45 called Steampunk Debutante, I love it could make out if one of yours is that. from Jealous in the UK!

  2. OMG, I want them all Lol! Your goodies are so totally gorgeous. I hope you have lots of fun with them.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  3. always wanted to go to Archiver's! lucky you...
    can't wait to see what you are making.

  4. Wow, you got some wonderful scrap stuff - so jealous, never been to an Archivers! Sorry 'bout your Jeep - great that the deer survived! Have a great weekend!

  5. Great stuff - can't wait to see what you create with it all! Have a great weekend!

  6. Tracy,
    You got some great stuff there.
    And wow, ouch about the deer. Thank goodness no one was hurt.
    Continue to enjoy your weekend

  7. Oh my gosh! Glad the deer (and you guys) were all okay!!!!!!! I remember in high school a deer was in the middle of the road. I slowed down because my friend was shouting "Deer! Deer!" but I didn't have on my glasses, so I couldn't see anything and all I was thinking was, "Why does Patchen keep shouting, "Oh dear!"?

    Treats look yummy! I can tell you there's no age limit around here for something like that! The 42 year old would be just as happy as the 23 year old or the 12 year old!

  8. Glad you are ok after the deer scary! I laughed when you said you hate sleeping in the car because when you wake up you want to brush your teeth....I can TOTALLY relate! We escape to Vegas often and that always happens to me! I wish we had an Archivers near us in So. Cal....stores are closing left and right! You got some great stuff!

  9. We live 15 minutes from the Cabelas in our area. Every time we have out of town visitors, we make our pilgrimage over there. That is the only place I know of where the men have the carts filled to overflowing and big smiles on their faces and the women are sitting around on benches eating fudge. :-P
    So glad the incident with the deer wasn't any worse. That is scary! And can't wait for you to share what you will be doing with the loot from Archivers. Have fun!:-)

  10. oh my god.. that monster doll gave me a great idea for my DIL for christmas thank you!! You rock.

    Sorry about the deer :(

  11. Ohhhh well I can see about the Doll! OK, ya you are right...I LOVE HER, hehe. I see why I missed this, I was camping. Phew thanks for setting this "OLD CROW" I think you called me straight!

    Happy you're all ok. I think I would cry if something hit my Jeep...deer, coyote, grizzly, elk, caribou...MOOSE!

  12. What is 'Lost and Found' is that a paper line? I've not heard of it before.


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