Monday, September 27, 2010

Quilts, but not mine.

Before you look at these pictures just know I DIDN'T make these.
Ohhh but I wish I did.
When I go on the Internet at our cottage, I have to go the the hotel to use it. Well Louis told me to go into the breakfast room as the weather was getting cold. The breakfast room is so cute. It has treats for the hotel guests. There are cute tables to sit at.
Well these were Louis' quilts that she had put up.

She is an avid quilter. I love to oogle her quilts.
Today, besides the everyday boring stuff, I went to check out a new jeep for me. I am debating between a 2011 Jeep Liberty or a 2011 Ford Escape. I didn't really like the 2010 liberty's but the 2011 in black, looks B1tch'n. LOL.
The only thing with black is that it is boring. I am a creative person I need some colour in my vehicle. Ashley said I should put some sparkle on my licence plate cover and I should have vanity plates that spell out B1TCH1N. Ya right. LOL

Hope you all had a good Monday.



  1. I love quilts. I wish I could make them. Black isn't's sly and deceptive :) I have a yaris that's black.

  2. Beautiful quilts! I bought my Jeep Liberty used a couple of years ago and can't imagine driving anything else, now. Good luck with your search for a new vehicle!

  3. Tracy,
    That is such a pretty quilt.
    Thanks for sharing

  4. Wow, the quilt are amazing. Really Tracy...thinking of going something other than Jeep--shame, shame ;)

  5. Ooooh the excitement of getting a new car, lucky you x

  6. Lovely quilts, thanks for sharing. Fall colors are the best!

  7. Now I wish I could quilt! Sigh.

  8. Love the Be Thankful quilt, makes me regret not learning to sew.. :( I'd agree with you on the car color (need something with some personality!! ) how fun to get a new one!!

  9. Have fun checking out the new vehicles. Love the fall quilts.


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