Thursday, September 9, 2010

Soup and Dirt, at least its not dirty soup :)

If you keep up with my blog then you know that my hubby owns a Sand & Gravel business. He loves his job, but does he really need to bring his work home with him. If you are wondering what this is, it is sand from his work boots in the back porch.
Now let me set the stage. I am laying in my nice warm bed. I get up to wake up my daughter for work. Slip on my robe. But I can't find my slippers. Ya you know where I am going with this.
Walk down the stairs and step into this sand, dirt, gravel. Whatever it is called, its not nice to step in with clean morning feet.
Now if I was on the beach I wouldn't be complaining, but I am not. LOL. Do you do this. Cook some soup make it nice and warm....well a little to warm, hot actually. And then to cool it down I have to add ice. LOL. I swear I do it every time.
I got an oil change in my jeep today. I have to get my baby ready for our weekend trip to Minneapolis. I am so excited!!!!
We are leaving at 6:00am tomorrow. And with my time freak hubby, it will be exactly 6:00 Not 6:01. LOL.
It is a 6 to 6 1/2 hour drive. I can't wait to go to Scrapbooks Too. I found this gem of a store from a friendly lady on the 2peas site last year. They have Tim Holtz goodies and I am hoping some Graphic 45. I am going to grab every thing I see. Oh you laugh.....but I am serious :)
Luckily Ashley gets the day off work so we get to go as a whole family :)

Thankful Thursday:
1. I get to go on a weekend trip
2. I get to spend it with my family
3. I wont have to cook for the whole time we are gone :)
4. I get to go shopping in my favourite stores
5. Shop, did I mention this yet, teehee.

Hope your Thursday was a crafty one. My crafting days are coming soon :)



  1. I would love to go to Minneapolis. A friend of mine went there to see her roommate from college. She loved it! Have fun!

  2. Hi Tracy...

    I totally relate, my hubby always brings "parts of his job" with him lol.
    And... ice is the nest thing to cool down soup!

    Thanks for visiting my blog

  3. So jealous of your shopping trip but have a great time

  4. It's funny but I almost never eat soup, but my guy likes it so all of a sudden sometimes we're eating soup. One day my son walks into the kitchen (having grown up his whole life not eating soup 'cause I never served it and suddenly having a stepfather who likes soup).

    Him - "What's for dinner?"
    Me - "Soup"
    Him (with a confused look) - "Not food?!?"

    Anyway I hope you have a great trip! The not cooking thing is a great thing to be thankful for in and of itself!

  5. You are going to have a FABULOUS time! Enjoy some of that scrappy crafty goodness on my behalf, K? K. Thanks. LOL!

  6. Have fun this weekend in Minnesota!

  7. Tracy,
    so funny and so true about the soup. I do it every single time.
    Thanks for letting me know I am not the only crazy one

  8. Not having to cook, you gotta love that. My husband comes home with holes in his jeans where acid has eaten through them at work. Men. Thankful he has a good job.


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