Sunday, September 19, 2010

We had PFK for supper

Can you guess what we had for supper?
I remember it tasting better when I was younger. Don't get me wrong I still like it. The side dishes are tastey and still love thier fries and gravy. But the chicken is really greasy.
I am not sure if this packaging is world wide, but I am doubting it.
Here in Canada we are bilingual. Well most, but not I. I find this kind of funny as I think there are more Native people living here, maybe we should be teaching Aboriginal as a second language .There should be Aboriginal writing on the packaging.
Here in my home town, we don't have bilingual signs as the rest have Canada does. Our signs are only in English. I am kind of proud of that, I like to be one of a kind :)

So we are watching "Bones" again. Told you I was addicted to this.
Tomorrow I am going to be working on my Banner letter all day. Yeah!!!

Hope your weekend was a good one.



  1. Mmmmm! KFC! Or PFK!;-) I crave it every once in a while, but I pay for it later.:-P That reminds me, I don't know about you, but I think Big Macs tasted better years ago. That is another thing that if I eat one I pay for it later.:-P It's heck getting old!

  2. The Hubbums LOVES KFC! I just like that I can actually get some sort of vegetables when I'm there! LOL!

  3. Tracy,
    I love KFC, but don't really eat it that much. I think their mashed potatoes are the best. They remind of the kind I had in school.

  4. I like to call it Kentucky Fried Crap but that doesn't stop me from eating it every once in a blue moon. I maybe have it once a year. I've never tried the grilled version but then again if I'm gonna eat it why would I get the "healthy" version. Extra crispy for me!

  5. I call it Kentucky Fried Pigeon. hahaha. I prefer Church's Fried Chicken myself. Less greasy. Better flavor. But that's just my opinion, of course. hahaha. I like that some of your signs and labels are bilingual. Ours are often, too, here in AZ but I'm part French not Spanish so I'd rather have things in French. hahaha. The last time I was in Seattle I drove up to Vancouver and on the way back was listening to a French radio station. I know very little French, but it was fun.

  6. Oh ladies these comments are TOO FUNNY! Our KFC is just in plain ole' English here.

    Tracy ready for new season on Bones Thursday? My Husband has been reminding me the new season starts Thursday daily for the past severl weeks.

  7. I actually MISS KFC in Canada. The crap they have here (the side dishes, mainly) - I can't stand! Give me my old macaroni salad!!! This stuff sucks.

  8. blech. KFC is the only place I won't eat. Well, I will about twice a year for my husband who LOVES it. The chicken makes me burpy.


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