Sunday, September 5, 2010

Summer is coming to an End :(

I almost didn't finish this book. I have read a few of her books and liked them. Well this one was hard to get into. Maybe it was just me, but the characters (even though they are the same as always) didn't seem real to me. Everyone loved Eve Duncan, everyone knew what everyone else was thinking...blah, blah, blah.
Well I picked it up again in the afternoon because the storyline interested me.
I read the whole book today. Once I got past the first few chapters, the story sucked me in. The ending was exciting and I couldn't put it down.
What was scary was the authors picture inside the cover, wow she sure changed since the last book of hers I read.
Lois (the owner of the motel) gave me a recipe book that she put together. She got all her favourite blueberry recipes and those of her family's and put them all in this recipe card sized cook book. How thoughtful of her to give me one.
You can tell summer is coming to a close when we get the wood splitter out. We even had the girls help us pile the wood. Isn't it nice to see them hard at work :) Even though Hubby paid them for this later on teehee.
Every year we do a treasure hunt for the girls.
When they were younger we would fill a container with all kinds of junk food and sweets and bury it in the sand. I would give out clues and they would follow them to find the treasure.
One year we even made them use a compass. My dad helped them with that one, teehee. Now that they are older they seem to appreciate money as the treasure.
So this year no treats just the treasure. Its not as fun as when they were younger.
Maybe my nephew Tom will continue the tradition when he gets older.
I wasn't feeling the best last night, so I went to bed very early. Hubby went fishing and woke me up to show me his catch. He loves to share LOL.
I did play with my new stamp set this after noon. But I forgot my acrylic block to put my stamps on. I put them on the plastic case to stamp, but they would fall off LOL. I will have to really play when I get home.
We also took out the dock this afternoon. Yup summer is winding down :(


  1. Hi Tracy
    Glad you enjoyed the book. I loved your comment about the author (I almost spit out my tea)too funny

  2. I hate to see summer come to an end, but I am looking forward to fall, though. Can't wait to see your creations with your new stamp set.:-)

  3. Summer flew by and I can't beleive it! Your picture of cutting wood totally takes me back to when I was younger! We used to split wood with my Dad to earn some extra money! :)

  4. Funny that the AUTHOR photo is what changed! Looks like you've been having a wonderful summer!

  5. I know how you feel about feeling summer's bliss slipping away. That was an amazing treat that the motel owner gathered and bound all those recipes for you! Random Acts of Kindness are the best!

    I pictured you trying to stamp using the case and it made me smile. I wouldn't even have thought to try! Necessity is the greatest innovator after all.

  6. It looks like a lovely ending to summer. My ending is doing a boat load of laundry. I love the fall so I'm excited to see it come. We did go apple picking yesterday which was nice but what am I going to do with 20 lbs of apples?

  7. Lovely thought from the motel lady and as you love picking blueberries she has got to know you well...... hurry up and show us what you do with the new stamp set.....

  8. A little sad summer is coming to an end. But kinda ready for the fall. It's been so hot in the NYC this summer.

  9. Please mail me your daughters. They might teach my yung'un a thing or two about hard work. ;)


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