Thursday, December 8, 2011

Card #3 and a text meal

Woohoo card #3
I coloured her up with my Stampin' Up markers.
Added gloss to the ornament she is holding.
I had made a ribbon and bow out of paper and put it on the package but took it off.
Wayne asked me what she was sitting on? He said it looked obscene :0  
And after he said that. I couldn't look at this little elf girl the same way again, lol.

I text Wayne asking him what he wanted for dinner tonight.
He answered the same way he always does..."Food".
So I said he can't complain with whatever I make then.
So here are the texts he then sent me.
"Real pasgetti & meatballs (real). Hunts thick & rich sauce"
Next text read
"Nice Italian bread"
"And dirt cake for dessert"
"A nice red wine slightly chilled"
"Cloth napkins"
"And fine china and silverware"

Funny thing is neither one of us drink wine, lol.
So I altered his request a bit.
Spaghetti, frozen meatballs (cooked of course), served on our wedding china, and slightly chilled Coke for me and diet Pepsi for him.
And for dessert I bought a cake from Safeway and some ice-cream.
He was very surprised.
We enjoyed our dinner in the dinning room and the girls ate in the kitchen.
Look at the portion sizes, lol. Can you guess who's is who's.

Thankful Thursday
Having a meal with my hubby.
A warm home (cause baby its cold out there)
Hubby and Ashley going shopping, just the two of them :)
Getting my He-art Journal Challenge pages complete, but forgot to post them on here....tomorrow.
Chatting with my girlfriend for a bit tonight :)
And as Becky would say...its Friday eve ;)

What are you thankful for today?

Tracy :)


  1. What a funny exchange. I love joking with my husband!

  2. Love the comparison!
    How did a coke drinker end up with a pepsi drinker? :0D

  3. that stay in date night is so stinkin cute tracey! you guys must be the IT couple on your block!

  4. Ahhh, that is a lot to be thankful for. Nice dinner!

  5. how fun! sounds like an awesome dinner!!!!

    have a great weekend!

  6. Oh Tracy, I LOVE your post today! Here Wayne thought he was being all funny and you surprise him like that? I love it!!!!! I'm still laughing about the obscene card too. I think she looks beautiful and I can only imagine what she looked like before! I've really gotten to love Thursdays, I think it's the anticipation of the weekend and getting to spend all that time with my three favorite people :)

  7. Adorable card! And how cute that you did that with your husband! I'm sure he loved it!

  8. What a sweet little card...leave it to men to think of "those" kinds of things. ;^) I like your dinner compromise and apparently there were no complaints from the requester.

  9. I love the card - AJ would say the exact same thing about the little elf girl! Why do boys always have to go there? Hahaha

    That is such a wonderful dinner, I'm sure Wayne was delighted to have such a nice dinner!

  10. I'm sure you hubby was surprised. Looks like you had a nice dinner.

    Lol, about the card...only a man would say something like that.

  11. Looks like a great meal. What a nice way to have some time together.

  12. Glad you and Wayne had a special dinner at home. I would have had the bottle of wine, though.
    I love when my girls do something special with their dad. A couple of times, Cait took Curtis prom dress shopping with her--probably so he could pay!!!!

  13. Tracy,
    Hey sweetie, how have ya been. Your card as usual is fantastic. Glad you and the hubby had a nice dinner.
    Hugs, Stacy

  14. Aww.. your cards are always so cute and pretty. Your dinner looks yummy...

  15. Aww, Wayne's texts are cute! How sweet of you to make the dinner as close as possible :0) Super cute card too! Have a great weekend! Hugs!

  16. husband is the same when I ask what would he like, first answer is food second is whatever is easiest when I give him two choices arggggg. And funnily enough our plate size portions are similar to yours and hubby lol.

  17. Very cute card. Love what you did for dinner. How cute!

  18. very romantic. Looks delicious. Wish i got off earlier so i could actually be apart of these family dinners!


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