Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Decor ?

So for all you out there that think I am soooooo organized, I just had to share this with you.
My pumpkins are still on the front step, lol
The real funny thing is, They are frozen to the concrete.
I kicked the sh1t out of them and still they will not move.

My next move is to get some hot water to melt them off.
Then I have to salt the stepss so the mailman (yes we have a mail Man) doesn't slip on the ice that the hot water will make once it freezes.
See the dilemmas I have in my life, lol.

Hey I could put a tiny pine tree in this one and call it Christmas decor.
What do you think?

Onto My Day:
I spent quite a bit of the day doing book work.
I am cleaning everything up so hopefully my year end will go smoothly next month.
Ashley and I went out shopping on her lunch break.
The sneaky snake ate something at work before I picked her up.
I wondered why she kept putting off I was starving.
So I picked up something for Heather and I ;)
I worked on my He-Art Journal Challenge pages.

Hope you all had a creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. oh my, frozen? Put some xmas glitter/ribbons on it and hopefully it'll pass as a Christmas decor. hehe...

  2. Haha! I just asked dh if he put away the Halloween sign form the porch when he put out the Chrsitmas! Am I any better? ;0/

  3. This is funny, because about 10 days ago, my pumpkins on my front step looked like this. But I was able to get them in the trash and they didn't freeze to the step. What about using a blow dryer instead of the hot water. Then it would be safer for your Mail man. We have one of those too.

  4. Buy pine garland and just cover that baby up, throw some lights on it and no one will ever know that it isn't some freaky christmas tree growing out of your steps LOL! The only thing I got creative with was my parenting skills. I finally realized today that I lack in good parenting skills and am the mother of "those" children that other mothers keep their children away from. I had a mommy meltdown and by the end of the night homework was done the house was quiet and everyone was asleep my 9:30. Well except me because I'm still steaming and can't sleep.

  5. I have to say looking at that first picture made me chuckle - pumpkin looks a little 'deflated' being left out in the cold! Solution: just shove some tinsel on him!
    Are mailmen/postmen in Canada not common?

  6. That is so funny! thank you for sharing. I thought I was being on the spot filling a recently emptied pot with magnolia branches like my friend always does on her porch. Well, not so. The wind blew it right over. I didn't think to weight it down - maybe I need one of those pumpkins. Ha!

  7. Hahaha, that was just the pick me up I needed this morning! Thank you for sharing that!

  8. I think you should spray paint them red and green and say they are smashed Christmas ornaments. Lol! Are you almost done shopping now? :)

  9. The tree idea sounds good. I didn't put out any fall decor this year but last year when I was decorating for fall I noticed I still had some easter stuff out...oopps.

  10. Hehe love your photos, and you can paint them red or white for chritsmas.
    Have a great day.:)

  11. OMGosh, this made me laugh (sorry, Tracy!)...hope you can get them off your steps!

  12. Too funny about your pumpkins! Hope it all works out and the mailman stays safe :0) Hugs!

  13. Poor pumpkins! But still, too funny. I think a coat of paint and some stickles could really change the look. You might be able to get away with it! :)

  14. YAY you aren't perfect after all! LOL Ya really had me worried there for a minute. LOL
    Hugs my friend


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