Friday, December 9, 2011

Colouring fun on my Friday Scrapbooking Night

 Friday Night Scrap booking :)
Sharon and Debbie came tonight :)
I coloured some more images, and am hoping to make some Christmas cards tomorrow :)
I borrowed this stamp from Debbie :)
Isn't she adorable.
You can't tell, but I added some sparkle to her ear muffs and skate blades with my Spica pen.

I should have taken a photo of one of the reindeer that didn't have a stamp smudge :(
No worries it will be hidden when I make the card :)
Again I used the Spica pen for some sparkle on the bulbs :) 

Thought I would share the colours I used on the reindeer.
Deer-E35, E39. Antlers-E33, E35. Hooves-N1, N6. Reds-R37, R39. Blues-B60, B97.Green-YG63, YG93. Orange-YR04, YR07.
Yup I only used 2 colours of each colour combo. The image was pretty tiny, so no need to use more than that.
Here are all the images I coloured.
I didn't get to the last girl...too busy chatting :)

Onto My Day:
Drove all over town this morning looking for disposable icing bags.
Went to the Bulk Food store (where I always have bought them from), nope they don't carry them anymore.
Michael's wanted $29.99 for a box of 100, nope I don't think so.
Thought I would check out the dollar store, nope they don't carry them.
I even went to the Persian Man (a local pastry shop). Nope.
Only to find out when Ashley came home for lunch, that she had some.
So made snowman soup for friends and family that come and visit us during the holidays :)

Kristy went to her friends house to exchange gifts with them :)
She wanted to bring the snowman soup for them.

Today we had to to the accountant.
Then out for our yearly company dinner :)
We went to The Keg.
I think everyone ordered steak and lobster but me. I ordered chicken and ribs,with some shrimp, sooo yummy :)
Came home just in time for Friday night Scrap booking.

Hope you all had a creative Friday :)

Tracy :)


  1. That was a busy and productive day you had. Dinner sounds wonderful. Last time I went to The Keg it was just a bottle. Still cannot believe the prices Michaels charges in Canada. If I ever went to a store there I'm sure I'd be asked to leave. I'd be throwing a fit and yelling "fair prices for Canadians." I got your back

  2. Sorry to hear you were running all over for the icing bags and your daughter had some.
    What is snowman soup??? I need to make soup or chili this week for my work party.
    Cute images you coloured.
    And the Keg--Curtis and I went there in Niagara Falls over a year ago when we drove back home.
    Yummy dinner! They do have one in Lethbridge though.

  3. Your images look fantastic! I love the them!!! I can't believe how expensive those icing bags were at Michael's. I always use a zip lock bag and cut the tip off, those are really cheap ;) Your dinner sounds like it was I'm wanting some shrimp!

  4. ooo... love the coloring + images too. <3

  5. How frustrating about the bags. I have had a hard time finding them too. Yay for a company party. My company's is just hor d'oeuvres in the lobby of one of our buildings and it is crowded!

  6. Fab colouring and the image is so cute.:)
    Have a great weekend.:)

  7. hahahaha that girl is very naughty, thanks for sharing :-)

  8. You sound like you had some busy, but great day! I love the ice skating girl. She is so adorable. And I love the colors you used to color her in.


  9. You images look great! The reindeer is my favorite. It's so cute. 29.99 for pastry bags? That is crazy! Sounds like you had a great day.

  10. How cute are those images! I love your coloring and those copics are looking mighty tempting :0) Can't wait to see the cards out of these ones! Hugs!

  11. Cute images! and love your colouring looks like you had fun :)


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