Thursday, December 22, 2011

Gift card holders and lord of his ring

Getting the last of the gifts wrapped and checking my list. Wouldn't want to miss anyone ;)
We have quite a few gift card that we are giving as gifts this year.
I am always on the look out for new, fun ways to send out gift cards.

Funny thing is I had this gift box kit for a few years and have been hoarding it, lol.
Well I have a few New Years Resolutions in the works and one of them is to use my supplies instead of hoarding them.....figured now is as good a time as any :)

Yesterday Hubby took the girls out to pick up a gift for me.
Besides my gifts he bought himself a new wedding ring.
We have been married for over 23 years and his band was getting thin. He wears it everyday all day.
He came home all proud that he bought himself his new band.
I on the other hand was so upset.
Not only was I going to buy him one for our anniversary, but thought "who buys them self their own wedding ring".
I had to go into my craft/scrap room have a little cry and pull myself together.

My girls knew I was upset and came down...even though I didn't want them to know how upset I was.
Then hubby came down after the girls gave him sh1t, lol.
He said he was sorry and gave me a hug and told me he didn't know I would get upset.
In his defense, when I lost one of my diamonds years ago he told me I had to buy the new one....which I did.
So when he told me that he needed a new ring, I told him he had to buy it.

I know men don't have the emotional attachment to jewelry as women do (or maybe its just me).
To them it is a piece of gold.
Here he thought he was doing something good, so I wouldn't have to buy a new one for him.
I am feeling a bit better about it today.

Hope you all had a creative Thursday. I did :)

Tracy :)


  1. I'm glad you are feeling better about the ring. I totally get it though, I would feel the same way.
    Here is my seriously sad ring story. My husband bought me a new wedding band set for our 15th anniversary, it was not just a diamond but what is called a perfect diamond. It was such a beautiful set and I loved that he picked it out for me himself.
    When we moved here to Missouri, we went to the store to do some shopping. I was putting hand lotion on and took my rings off as I always did, setting them in my lap.
    It wasn't until we had shopped for awhile when I noticed my rings weren't on and I freaked. Sure enough when I got out of the car I forgot about my rings and they dropped somewhere in the parking lot and even thought we searched forever we never could find them. I cried my eyes out for days!!!
    Anyway he has since bought me another set but nothing ever compares to the perfect diamond I was owned. So yeah, I guess jewelry means a lot to us girls but not just for the beauty but the sentiment attached to it.

    Your gift card holders are very nice! Good job.

  2. Oh my dear, I know exactly how you feel. They just don't get it. Replacing one diamond is a whole lot different than buying a brand new ring. And it sounds like he thought he was doing such a good thing. I'll never understand the male mind. But they are big and strong, and they protect and cherish us. And when you consider the alternatives (being alone or being gay), what choice do we have??

  3. awww, my sweet friend I know just how ya feel. I bought hubby several and he made me take them back. He bought his own and like you was upset. He returned it and I went 2 days later and repurchased it. LOL
    see, we are twins. LOL

  4. love you pillow boxes! don't they really make the present look adorable? great job

  5. Aww, I'm glad your feeling better about it today. It's not just you, I don't think men get emotionally attached to anything. Mine doesn't anyway.

    Your boxes look great!

  6. That's a hard one. My husband actually wears his ring on his right hand because he broke his ring finger on the left and it doesn't fit and because it's titanium, it can't be sized! LOL! He didn't like the idea of getting a new one, so he wears his on the right. I'm cool with that. Your pillow boxes are super cute!

  7. Yes, I can certainly see why you would be upset at not being with him when he replaced the ring. Still, he obviously values wearing his ring. I'm glad things are better.

    The boxes are very pretty, a lovely way to package a gift card.

  8. Those gift card holders are beautiful!!! It's funny, I bought Mike a new wedding band this year because his didn't fit anymore. He bought me a new wedding last year and I chipped some diamonds in October. It's been in the shop for the last 10 weeks and currently the jeweler doesn't know where my ring is!!!! I know exactly what you mean about men and jewelry though :) I would have been the sewage way!

  9. Wow, great job with the gift card holders, they look great!

  10. The gift holders are great!

    I totally agree with you about the ring, I would have had the same reaction! I think girls are just very sentimental about their jewelry, especially something as important as a wedding ring. But at least he wants to wear one! I know some men who refuse, and I just find that so odd!

  11. Aw! I'm sorry that it upset you! I totally understand!

  12. Oh no! I would be upset too! My husband bought his own ring when we got married. He did not want a matching set. Here I am with my pink sapphire and there he is with a handmade damascus. Lol, I was a little upset about it at first, but after a couple of days I figured that he should just get the one that he wants to wear for the rest of his life and so should I. :)

    hope you feel better! the pillow boxes are cute, btw!

  13. These gift box are so sweet,love them all.
    Wish you a merry Christmas:):)

  14. Love your gift boxes! Men do not get it AT all! I would have been upset too.

  15. Love your gift boxes...hey...tell hubby to put a ring for you in one of these and that will make you fell I am only kidding as I know exactly how you feel. Who buys their own wedding ring? A man of course! It is true what they say "Men are from Mars and women are from Venus" Enjoy your special time with your family, hugz....Kim

  16. Glad you feeling better today. =) Your gift boxes are lovely.

  17. Cute,cute gift boxes.
    I have a ring story too. Our original wedding bands we got in Germany, because we were married over there. I had it at work with me, but pinned on my name tag. Couldn't wear it at work because it had etching on it, which harbours germs. So, I went to help empty garbage and laundry when I was working night shift. When I came back in the unit, my name tag was undone and the ring was missing. Never found it. It was very sentimental and I will never have another one like that. Have since realized it was just a thing and our bond is more important!!!!

  18. Cute boxes! So, what didja put in them?
    I would have been upset if dh bought his own ring without at least having me there!
    Now, my dh's ring will not wear out as he rarely wears it for safety working at the lumber mill...
    Merry Christmas to you too! I am not sure that I will be getting through my google reader the next few days with company here and all....

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  20. I just love pillow boxes & these are darling! I have been trying to work on the hoarding issues this past year myself, you just can't tell because I keep buying more stuff. LOL!

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