Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Is there such a thing as Giving to much?

I know Christmas is about giving.
Giving to the ones you love,
Giving to the less fortunate,
Giving of yourself and and of your time.

 I have been asked to share what I received for Christmas.
So here are a few of my gifts my family gave to me.
I really loved this print.
So Ashley, Heather and Kristy ordered it and put it in a frame.
It is just so inspiring to me to make your life what you want it to be.

 My hubby takes the "Giving" of the season to a whole new level.
I had no idea what I wanted for a gift this year as I have everything and more in my life.
So when he doesn't know what to get me, he always goes to jewelery.
I have a special meaning to all my jewelery and always wear the same ones.
But I guess he figured I needed some special earrings.
For those that know anything about diamonds ( which I honestly don't) these are 1/2 crt each.
Honestly if they were cut glass I wouldn't know the difference.

 He also bought me this pretty gold chain.

So did you get something special for Christmas?

Because everyone in my family is off work until the New Year, we are still in holiday mode.
We have been watching our favourite Christmas movies. But I needed a bit of a zombie fix.
So hubby and I are watching 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later. I know technically not a zombie movie.
Not very festive, lol.

Hope you all had a creative Tuesday :)



  1. Those earrings are gorgeous! I got a few things I had wanted. Santa was good to us this year:) I'm also off work until after New Years. It makes Christmas last forever!! Zombies for Christmas, I like that:)

  2. As they say, "Diamonds are a girls best friend!". ;-) Beautiful! Love the print. Your family did a great job playing Santa!

  3. They are beautiful gifts from your hubby.
    The girls did good too.
    I didn't really have any wants this year-making it difficult for my family.
    Hope you are getting to create too.

  4. Wow, you got lots of beautiful gifts.
    I love the print,really great idea.:):)
    Have a nice day.:)

  5. love that print! it is wonderful!

    you go girl with the diamonds--

  6. Wonderful words to remember in the print. Thank you for sharing it. Beautiful jewelry you can wear with anything. You have a thoughtful husband. He is probably the envy of his friends having a wife who doesn't need to be impressed with fancy gifts.

  7. I LOVE that print! Your family is very generous!

  8. LOL! Christmas makes me long for zombies too! ...or is that feel like one?! Is there a difference? Zombieland is still the cult classic in our house. It is like the pricess bride of the undead! Lucky girl with the fabulous jewelry. DH did well! Enjoy the down time! -Amanda

  9. I love the print and so sweet of your girls to get it for you :) How about those earrings, huh? :) What a sweetheart Wayne is! I know you would have been happy with nothing though, just having the five of you together, right? What they need to come up with is a Christmas zombie movie. Or do they already have one? Lol!

  10. I love that print. Those earrings are so pretty. That's great that all of you are home until New years! That must be so exciting. I need a new job (my hubby too) so I don't have to work so much this time of year because my hours are crazy until after new years.

  11. Fun gifts! I'm excited about my Silhouette Cameo coming in the mail tomorrow!

  12. Nice ice! I think it's giving too much when it feels like too much, when it's exhausting or by force or even just out of guilt. If you give just because you can't wait to see someone happy then it's never too much. I love your print. I think you definitely live your life as the message says too. Maybe that will be my resolution for 2012, to live my life by those rules. I'm about half way there. First I have to ground my self by finding a home with some emotional connection so it's truly a home and not just some house. Oh and a scraproom not in the dungeon with the mice and spiders LOL!

  13. Love the print also, and the bling is just plain sweetness!! Our son was offered a job here in Missouri at a news station so he will be moving here from Washington state in 3 weeks time. Now that is a gift and a half, we are overjoyed to have both of our sons living close by us again.

  14. ooo... you got great gifts. Love what your girls gave you. It's so inspiring. Your new earrings and necklace are beautiful.

  15. Oooo lovely! The earrings are beautiful and I adore that print. I gave my DH a an eye chart print that said "I love you more than the remote and snowdays". That was my favorite thing to give this year. My favorite "get" so far, Santa brought me an iPad and I'm having so much fun getting to use it!

  16. I love the print! And the earrings, they are beautiful! I got a canon rebel from AJ, so I've been going crazy taking tons of pictures! I hope you are all enjoying your time off!

  17. Hey Tracy!
    Glad you had a wonderful Christmas~ Love the bling gorgeous~ The print is awesome~ Santa brought me Keurig coffee maker, willow tree figurines, North Face coat and some new boots! Plus I made a last minute order to Lindys Stamp Gang for my stocking! he he
    So glad you are getting to spend quality time with your family~

  18. You Lucky Girl! The print is Fab, great words to inspire a preson to be all they can be.
    The jewellery is beautiful! Glad you having a lovely time with your family.
    Yvonne :)

  19. Love the print! Lucky you; my dh feels like he has no idea for jewelry for me- although when he has, I think that he has chosen well!

  20. Ooh, pretty jewelery there, way to go Wayne! Love the print from the girls :0)Hugs!


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