Friday, December 2, 2011

So much Yumminess

Look what I found today :)
My Favourite Scrapbooking magazine :)

I worked all day again today.
My SIL, Val, had to come by and drop off some book work for me. She also brought some yummy cinnamon buns she made. Val is an awesome cook. My girls and I have often thought she should have had her own catering business. She always comes up with great appetisers.

 Tonight was scrap booking night.
I need to get some of my Christmas cards done.
I usually make everyone a completely different card. I even go into detail on who should get which card. Yes I put a lot of thought into them :)  my SIL, Sharon, thinks I put to much thought into them ;)
Well time is running short, so I stamped the same image and coloured them tonight.
I switched some of the colours though ;)
This photo has a yellowish tinge to it doesn't it.

I was going to share a Christmas card that I made back in August (I have 2 so far ;)   But I guess I didn't transfer my "Cards" file to this new laptop. I swear I did, but nope.

Hope you all had a creative Friday and an excellent weekend :)



  1. those cinn, buns loook soooooo goood!

    those snowmen are just way too cute! your coloring (as usual) is just perfection. i can't wait to see the final card!

  2. Those cinnamon buns look SO yummy! I just made Abie look at them, hoping she would say "Daddy don't cinnamon buns sound good?" But it didn't work, LOL! Your snowmen look beautiful :) I know you'll get your cards done, along with everything else for Christmas :)

  3. I so agree, those are yummy looking cinnamon buns. You are lucky to have her in your family.
    Cute little snowman, too--I can hardly wait to see what cards you create with them.
    I have a few cards done, but not near enough to send out. So, some people will be getting store boughten cards.

  4. I love cinnamon buns. The snowman is so cute.

  5. I am SO impressed with your coloring skills!!! I can't believe you just started a few months ago. You go, girl!!! I'm sorry I've been away for awhile. Feeling very burnt out as far as blogging/commenting goes. Of course, it would figure that I'd come back to a post with delicious goodies on it, as I'm trying to watch my weight...LOL.

  6. I've never actually seen that magazine...but it looks fabulous! Great snowmen! :)

  7. Great images! The buns look yummy!

  8. Love your snowmen,so fab colouring too.:)
    Thanks for your lovely comment in my blog:):):)

  9. Ack! I have not been reading my blog feeds, do not know where the time is going; but making sure that I catch up with you especially! :0)

    Ohhhhh yum, on those buns! I heart cinny buns, esp. Gooey ones!

  10. Those cinnabon rolls look so good! Your snowmen looks great too. I wish I could color like that.

  11. I love the snowmen! And those cinnamon rolls look awesome!

  12. Hi Tracy!! Love the snowman images, the coloring is awesome! How neat that you individualize your Christmas cards, I'm sure the recipients really appreciate your time and efforts! Can't wait to see your cards! :)

  13. Those cinnamon buns look delicious! Super cute snowman images too :0) Hugs!

  14. Love the magazine :) and your snowmen, but those cinnamon buns really caught MY eye :) lucky you!


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