Monday, July 9, 2012

Ashley's Pallet Garden

Ashley saw an idea on Pinterest and wanted to give it a try.
I think it turned out real cool.
This photo was taken with Ashley's phone with Instagram....what ever that is ;)

 When we had our roof re shingled they brought the shingles on this pallet and I asked them if we could keep it.
He probably thought I was crazy, but I am, so I wasn't offended. lol.
Ashley was so happy when I told her I had a pallet for her. She is like me...its the little things in life that make us happy :)

So the first thing we had to do was add a bottom to this big boy. It is about 4'x4'.
Because I do wood working I had the piece of wood already, I just had to cut them to the perfect size on the miter saw.
This is the top of the pallet, we left it open.
Then the next step was to add landscaping fabric to the back so the topsoil wouldn't all fall out. That's what the black sheeting is.
We used a lot of staples to hold this on.

 Then we had to fill the slots up with the topsoil.
This was a bit tedious and we didn't realize how much we needed.
After you do this you plant your flowers and plants.
Then you have to keep it flat for a couple of weeks so the roots can take hold.

Ashley and I planted succulents and pansies because where we put this gets full sun.
Just a warning this is very heavy.
My hubby who is massively strong couldn't move it where we wanted it. He had to use the heavy duty hand dolly.
We are still planning on planting some flowers from the top opening.
Turned out pretty cool eh?
Ashley is now on the look out for more pallets as the ideas are flowing now ;)

Onto My Day:
Kristy had to go to work this morning for 7:00am. I think that is going to be her starting time for now on. That's what happens when you work in the bakery.
But then I have to get up early to drive her. But I get a head start in the day....if I don't go back to bed that is ;)
I did a bit of book work today, and took a few business calls.
I did tidy up my scrap/craft room while I was chatting with a friend...I really need to get another head set. My last one died. I can get so much done while I talk on the phone :)

I hope you all had a creative Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Very cool idea. Your daughters are so creative and I love how you not only encourage them you are right there with them. That is as it should be!

  2. I saw this on Pinterest too. Great to see someone actually tackle the project.. Great job, girls!

  3. i saw this done on the weather channel with home depot and i love this!! yours looks fantastic!

  4. What a clever idea for a container garden and repurposing a pallet.

  5. The pallet garden looks great! Didn't think it'd be that heavy though!

  6. That is really cool! What did we do before Pinterest? So many ideas we were missing out on! LOL. :)

  7. What a cool idea! You and your girls are very creative, and your Wayne is the best!

    As the season progresses do we get to see the results? Thanks for sharing your family with us :-)


  8. Awesome succulent garden! Such a great idea for a small yard.

  9. I've seen these on Pinterest and I want to try this! Pallets are hard to come by in this area though. One of these days I might just make the drive to get one.

  10. This is the coolest thing ever!!!! I love it! I guess that's the one drawback to the bakery, unless Kristy doesn't mind getting up that early. I hope you pick up a new headset, I like for you to be productive :)

  11. Tracy
    This is great. It is so nice to be able to share your ideas and do things with your girls.
    Girls are fun.

  12. Awesome job! I'm going to send my boyfriend out to search for a pallet.

  13. great idea.. looks like you had a greattime....

  14. This is awesome! What a fun idea!

  15. Oh My hubby has LOTS of pallets in his store! I know what I
    am going to be doing this weekend! This is so cool! I hope it doesnt rain! Go check out my blog I have some GREAT news!

  16. I think I need a headset for talking on the phone too. Would make things easier.

    I've seen these pallet wall gardens on Pinterest too. I'm sure she'll have better luck keeping it alive than I would. I have a hard enough time with plants in pots or the ground. I can't wait to see it all full & lush & whatever ideas she does with other pallets!

  17. Hmm... interesting. Think we have one of those pallets laying around also!

  18. Hi Tracy I like this project very cool.


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