Tuesday, July 17, 2012

So many uses for coffee/hot chocolate sleeves.

Aren't these little gears so cute.
Can you believe I made them with those coffee/hot chocolate sleeves?
Added a brad to the centers and they make a great embellishment.

There are so many uses for these coffee/hot chocolate sleeves that you get when you order a take out drink.
Here are some of the ones I have found...well actually my SIL Sharon collects them for me ;)
I really like the plain ones as you don't have to worry about either covering up the writing or work around it.
The ones I found most interesting are these black ones. They are made with a type of foam.

This is what I made these gears out of.
These ones are shown with the back smooth side of the foam sleeve. The ones in the top photo are made with the corrugated side of the foam sleeve.

Not only have I used these sleeves to cut shapes out of, I have also used the full sleeve to make a flip page.
The left side of this book has the sleeve closed up.

I used a thin magnet to keep it closed, but when you open it up, you have a place for photos or journaling.
This was a mini album that Becky won in one of my give aways :)
To see the whole mini album click on "Becky's Mini"
To see how I made this flip page, click on "Christmas Ornament Tutorial" go to 11:05 on the time to see just that part.

I have also just decorated a sleeve for a special treat for some of my friends :)
I actually got this idea from Paperdrama on YouTube.

I have also seen whole mini albums made with these coffee/hot chocolate sleeves.

So next time take a second look at something before you toss it or put it in the recycle bin, you may come up with a creative and interesting way to re-purpose it.

Hope you all had a creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. You have the greatest ideas....wow, and really on your last post...your camping and crafting...wow you are dedicated...super fab projects...tfs

  2. You are so creative Missy! Love all the ideas.

  3. Well how darn creative are you chica? And oh so environmentally friendly as well:) Fantastic idea and awesome projects.


  4. You are definately the Queen of sleeves. And I thought I did good with them...
    I think the gears are fabulous. I have one of those sleeves and never thought of that...
    I was saving it for witches hats on my halloween mini pails for special friends.

  5. Tracy - these are fabulous and what a great way to reuse something. TFS

  6. These are great ideas. Thank you for sharing them!

  7. Awesome idea!!!!!!! This is amazing! Pity I don't drink coffee though! LOL! :D

  8. OK, I looked at your gears and thought, what kind of coffee sleeve could that be? It's not corrugated cardboard.... And then I saw the photo. I have never seen styrofoam sleeves before! That is very cool and clever of you. I love the mini with the cover that opens out. Very cool! You always have cool ideas. :)

  9. Great ideas for those sleeves! I love the corrugated texture on things!

  10. The black foam ones are cool! I've never seen any of those!

  11. I recognized that mini, before you even said Becky's mini Lol! Those gears are super cool, wouldn't have thought of die cutting them, duh! You really have a great way of looking at things!

  12. Tracy I just love what you created with the use of sleeves... I have a pile of them and now I need to get cracking...lol Thanks for sharing. hugs

  13. What great ideas-I have never seen the black styro sleeves though, I need to look for those-those gears are perfect for a "boy" layout!

  14. I love these ideas! What great uses for those sleeves that so often get tossed away!

  15. Great ideas! That foam does make for awesome gears!

  16. Great ideas! Your samples, or actual cards, are fantastic. I love your coloring of the cuties. Especially on the hot chocolate piece :-)


  17. That paper drama packaging is a great use ! Home and now catching up!


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